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 Welcome to the 2016 Orchid Season



WANOSCG General Meetings
Next  General meeting 15th June 2016

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Kings Park Administration Buildings off Fraser Avenue (March to November inclusive).

Website of validated digital photos of  WA native orchids:  (www.wanoscg.com)

 SPEAKERS for 2016          
MAR      Ramón Newman  -     2015 in retrospect Walpole presentation and November                                                           flowering orchids near Walpole
APRIL    Ramon & Margaret -  Snail trip 2015
MAY       Andrew Brown          Western Australian Sun Orchids
JUNE     Mark Brundrett  TBA      or     John Ewing   Red Spider Orchids          
JULY     John Ewing   Red Spider Orchids    or   Mark Brundrett  TBA
AUG   -  Kingsley Dixon    
SEPT  -   
OCT    -       
NOV   -    Photo Competition and Members' slides  

2011 : Don Ward (the inaugural recipient) 
2012 : Matz Dahlkamp
2013 : Eddy Wajon
2014 : Ross and Margaret Fox
2015 : Donna Wajon

The criterion for this award is that the person should have advanced the aims of, and made an outstanding contribution to, WANOSCG - namely the study and conservation of Western Australian native orchids. These contributions will usually have been made over an extended period of time. The recipient must be a financial Member of WANOSCG.

If you wish to attend any of these field trips please contact the Field Trip Coordinator
Margaret Petridis       margaretp55@gmail.com  or     0409677385 



No organised group field trip this month. 

We suggest members use the Anzac Day long weekend to explore various areas south/east of Perth to look for Eriochilus species, Leporella fimbriata, Praecoxanthus aphyllus and Corunastylis tepperi.


1st May

15th May Sunday

Burnt areas off Forrest highway and then West Coolup/Pinjarra (Eriochilus, Leporella fimbriata andPraecoxanthus aphyllus)

Northam and Meenar NR (Caladenia drummondiiEriochilus)


June 4th -  6th

 26th June

Stirling Range and Albany Staying at or near Stirling Range Retreat: please arrange your own accommodation.

Cataby/Badgingarra areas (Thelymitra apiculata)


24th July

Bullsbrook and Jurien areas (Thelymitra pulcherrima)





The best photograph of any Western Australian Native orchid (or orchids) taken in situ in 2016.  The competition night is at the November meeting.

ADOPT an Orchid (ADORP)
Some 20+ members have signed up to the adopt an orchid program
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Threatened & Priority Orchid Species of Western Australia 

More information can be found at the DEC website under the heading "Management and Protection" in "Threatened flora" section http://www.dec.wa.gov.au/index.php

Recent publications related to Western Australian Native Orchids

Identification and Ecology of Southwest Australian Orchids - A User-friendly Guide
Mark Brundrett (2014)

Field Guide to the Orchids of Western Australia -  Andrew Brown, Kingsley Dixon, Christopher French and Garry Brockman (2013)  The Definitive Guide to the Native Orchids of Western Australia

Orchids of South-West Australia 3rd Edition - Noel Hoffman & Andrew Brown (2011)
Orchids of Western Australia - Andrew Brown, Pat Dundas, Kingsley Dixon & Stephen Hopper (2008) - A valuable comprehensive reference of WA native orchid species beautifully illustrated by Pat Dundas
Spider Orchids-the Genus Caladenia and it's relatives in Australia - Gary Backhouse

WANOSCG Featured Orchid

orchids watheroo 030813
 Orchids, Watheroo, 030813
patricias spider orchid watheroo 030813
 Patricias Spider Orchid, Watheroo, 030813

 Leafless, Bunny Orchid, Dwellingup Pinjarra 170413


  Bunny, Hare Orchid, Perth Hills 220413