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*I know I misspelled Practice on the side bars, but it's too much of a hassle to change it.  So Welcome to the Practic Page. 

Practic Every Day

Practicing every day helps you develop a habit of practicing.  If you take days off, it will be harder to get back into practicing.  Also it is good to practice at the same time everyday for the same reasons.

 The Importance of Breaks

It is important to take breaks when practicing.  You don't want to wear out your hands, but it is also important you give your brain time to register what you've practiced into muscle memory.  Try practicing for fifteen minutes, taking a break, and coming back and it will seem like you are much better than when you left.  This is because as you take a break your brain registers fully the information you attained while practicing.

 Quiet Area

Practice without any conflicting noise.  All the sound should come from you so you can hear your mistakes, or how good you sound.  Don't listen to music while you play unless you are playing along with a song.  Also try to avoid distractions such as T.V., computer, etc.

 Stay on Track

Time management is very important.  Make a commitment not tomorrow, or next week, but NOW that you will practice what needs to be practiced.  Set an agenda, goals, and how long you will practice each day and do it.  If you're bad with time management, make guitar a high priority.

 Keep yourself motivated

Every time I go to a concert, I come back wanting to learn the songs of the artist I just saw.  However, you don't have to see a live performance to motivate yourself.  Take a look at some of the amazing guitarists featured in the media, like magazines or newspapers, or search the internet.  If you are impressed with what you see, then you will strive to do as well.

 Brute Repetition

Brute repetition, as some like to call it, is the simplest form of practice.  Take a measure, a line, or a short section of the song and repeat - until it's perfect.  Though this method tends to be a little boring, it is one of the best ways to make it all muscle memory.

 Mixed Repetition

Jump back and forth from measures, lines, or songs.  Be sure to cover everything as well as you would using the Brute Repetition method.


Set a number of times you will run through a particular song or segment of a song.  Use tallies to keep track and take a break when you have tallied so many times.  This works well if you take a break when you are done.

 Work in Parts

If a particular song contains both lower (bass) and upper (melody) parts, try learning them separately and, once played well, try playing them together.  These are sometimes found