Yu Wang is a computational social scientist and sport programmer with a research focus on deep learning and international relations. Yu is pursuing a joint PhD in Computer Science and Political Science (on average 1 degree 1 year). He owns 2 professional website dedicated to image mining, iFace and Campaign Smart, and has 11 Papers analyzing the 2016 presidential election (see Treasure Trove). 

0) Top graduate student in the deep learning class Spring 2017;
1) Two papers accepted by Social Informatics 2017;
2) Three papers accepted by SBP-BRiMS 2017
3) On May 15th Yu joined Laserlike in Mountain View as a software engineer;
4) Yu is on the program committee of NECO 2017. Submissions welcome!
5) New manuscript accepted by Frontiers in Psychology;
7) Yu enters Simon Business School to serve as a TA for CIS 442 Advanced Business Analytics;

Upcoming activities:
1) Yu presents election-series papers at ICWSM in Cologne, Germany, May;
2) Yu presents a paper on regularized negative binomial regression at PolMeth in Houston, Texas, July;
3) Yu presents a 4th paper on the U.S. presidential election at CIKM in Indianapolis,
Indiana, October;
4) Yu presents his work of pride on AIIB at the University of Pennsylvania on Nov. 5th;
5) Yu presents a paper on Chinese Foreign Direct Investments at IPES in Durham, 
North Carolina, in November;
6) Yu presents 3 papers on the U.S. presidential election at BigData 2016 in Washington DC, in December; 
7) Yu presents a paper on the U.S. presidential election at ISM2016 in San Jose, California, in December;
8) Yu presents his work of pride on AIIB at the 10th Conference on the Political Economy of International Organizations at the University of Bern, Switzerland, in Janurary, 2017;
9) Yu presents his work at SBP-BRiMS 2017, Washington DC, in July;
9) Yu dreams;

Tel: 585-287-3455
Email: ywang176@ur.rochester.edu
Rookie Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=YGNgQSgAAAAJ

La vie est belle.

Yu Wang,
Feb 7, 2017, 1:10 PM