Welcome to Qingyun's Homepage!
Qingyun Wang Postdoc in University of Oregon

Office:                        1B Deady Hall
Email:                         qingyunw@uoregon.edu
Phone:                        (541) 346-0983
Mailing Address:     Department of Mathematics
                                     University of Oregon
                                     Eugene, OR, 97403-1222

Curriculum Vitae:Please click here

Teaching: (Winter 2018)

Research Interest: C*-algebras, K-theory, dynamic system.
I am interested in the theory of C*-algebras, in particular the dynamic systems on C*-algebras.
  • Strict Comparison and crossed product, with Chris Phillips and Joav Orovitz, in preparation
  • Classification of certain inductive limit actions of compact groups on AF algebras, submited[arXiv]
  • Tracial Rokhlin property for actions of amenable groups on C*-algebras, Rocky Mountain Journal of  Mathematics, to appear. [link]
  • Characterization of product-type actions with the Rokhlin properties, Indiana Univ. Math. J. 64(1),  p295-308, 2015  [link]