vietnamese typing unified package

Experimental unified package xvnkb-scim-unikey

As packager ,you never know what people have in mind ,nor what they installed on their machine .
The only way is to produce packages working with livecd ,hoping they will fit to most situations installed with those distributions.
A drawback with livecd is environment constraints with scim - since there is no livecd with built-in xvnkb/unikey .

To take only Gnome based distros ,two livecd can have quite different ways to register input modules to GTK .

For the few impatients

  • xvnkb-scim-unikey-fedora-1-2.x86_64.rpm

  • xvnkb-scim-unikey-amd64.deb

  • scim-unikey-viettiti-amd64.deb

  • scim-unikey-viettiti-amd64.rpm

  • xvnkb-scim-unikey-any_ubuntu.deb 1st version
    (m17n-lib 1.3.1 vi-telex.mim from repository does not allow putting accent at the end of word)

  • xvnkb-scim-unikey-ubuntu-i386.deb newest version the must (m17n-lib 1.5.1 allows end of word 's accent putting )

  • xvnkb-scim-unikey-any_fedora.rpm

  • xvnkv-scim-unikey-i386.tgz

  • scim-unikey-puppylivecd.pet

  • Just install it with 'sudo dpkg -i pkg.deb ' or ' sudo rpm -i pkg.rpm ' . In case of unprobable installation errors ,mostly

    because of previous installed module/lib mainly with scim -ie m17n-db,libm17n, ...- just put option force install to overcome it.( In Fedora livecd type su to get root permission instead of sudo )

    sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite pkg.deb

    sudo rpm -i --replacefiles pkg.rpm

    followed by sudo /sbin/ldconfig

    then scim/unikey are available in all gtk apps .The last trick is to preceed apps call with env variable like
    "$ GTK_IM_MODULE=scim (scim-bridge) firefox" for example !

    Tests have been done with ubuntu-7.04/8.04 for the deb's pkg and fedora7/8/9-live-i686,Centos-5.1,Suse-10.3 The xvnkb-scim-unikey-amd64 was tested on livecd with success by con_ech_gia from ubuntu-vn , see report here

    for the rpm's pkg .




    experimenting with livecd in vietnamese

    Playing the game :

    xvnkb typing started by clicking on Desktop's icons gedit / openoffice_writer

    scim is available thru popup-input-method-menu by right click inside the current window ,input method ,then
    scim or unikey or xinput

    The X input method points to scim at boot but can be switched to unikey ,while xvnkb environment starts up from a wrapper to avoid system wide xvnkb's core preload library .

    Typing selection is available thru left click on the keyboard 's icon at the upper right Desktop window , choose language,then the typing selection


    export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

    export XMODIFIERS="@im=unikey"

    export GTK_IM_MODULE=unikey

    unikey -xim ukxim

    if [ -e /usr/bin/$1 ];then



    enjoy .