LuaCheia is a full-featured, modular Lua distribution. The official web site is at

Installation From Binary Packages


If you downloaded a luacheia5-win32-*.exe, then you can start the installer by just running the .exe.

Other Platforms

We don't have binary installers yet for other platforms; please install from source.

Installing From Source


On Windows, you will need to download and install a couple of extra tools, Minimalist GNU For Windows (mingw) and Minimal SYStem (MSYS).
These are both hosted at .
Then follow the directions below for "Other Platforms". You will use the MSYS shell to run the build commands.

Other Platforms
Build LuaCheia by first unpacking the source distribution, changing to the top directory of the distribution, and doing:

# ./configure
# make
# make install

You should now have a luacheia5 interpreter executable, and a standard lua5 interpreter in /usr/local/bin,
a set of standard Lua shared libraries in /usr/local/lib, and a set of LuaCheia modules in /usr/local/lib/luacheia5.


ađed by wangji (10§02/2007):
cvs -z3 co luacheia

$ ./configure --with-src-luadir=./lua-5.0.2
If during make,one encounters complaints about crtBeginS.o,libgcc ..
then either needs adding -L/path_to_gcc_i486stuff/ ,or do a symlink as in my unstable_homedebian
ln -s /usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.1.2/*o /usr/lib/
After compilation success,
to test cheia.self_test call it inside luacheia shell :

$ luacheia5
* Hello and welcome to LuaCheia 5.0.1a5
* Platform: POSIX
* type for more info
Lua 5.0.1 Copyright (C) 1994-2003 Tecgraf, PUC-Rio
bit OK
cgi OK
fs OK
fuzzy OK
luacom skipped - module not found
mapm OK
md5 OK
pack OK
posix OK
rex OK
shelve OK
socket OK
sqlite OK
module self-tests: 13 ok, 1 failed/skipped

to play a game cd examples/meteor_shower/
$lucheia5 meteor_shower.lua
A deb package is available here luacheia5_5.0.2a5_bin.deb
That's it