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Clearing the riff raff from Wandsworth?

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Cllr Govindia's statement on "radical housing reform" sounds horribly like a form of cleansing, similar to that carried out by Westminster Council many years ago. Given also his enthusiasm for privatising education, it seems that Cllr Govindia has not taken on board that the majority party's vote went down in the local elections.

MAY 2012 - expansion of profiteering from OUR investment in council housing.

The Council have announced that they will give up to £75,000 discount to council tenants who want to buy their homes.  Whilst, on the face of it, that sounds very nice, it depletes the Council's housing stock, making it even more difficult for those on the housing waiting list to find affordable housing.  Are they trying to force people who can't afford to buy out of the borough.  During this month, a landlord, who bought his council property under the previous 'right to buy', evicted his tenant because she could not afford the rent rise he was imposing.  In order words, the tenant had subsidised his profiteering from the discount he was given to buy the property.  Let's face it, all council tax payers are subsidising the profits being made from previously owned council properties.  These are usually the houses or flats in low rise developments.  No many people would want to buy property on the 9th floor of Sporle Court, unless they were planning to move out and rent out the flat for profit.
We understand that the Council have also increased the service charges for tenants in council blocks.


Wandsworth Council are upping the stakes on selling off Council homes, giving up to 60% discounts to tenants.  On the face of it, this would be a great way of helping Wandsworth residents to buy their own homes.  However, the devil (as always) is in the detail.  According to the press release, WBC will use money raised to support first time buyers, rather than build new homes for those on their waiting list.  In the past, Wandsworth have been careless about checking whether the discounts have been given to real residents or if those who use accommodation addresses have benefitted.  We have also recently seen that some of those who bought Council properties had now profited by renting out those same properties at a high commercial rent, causing tenants to become homeless when they can no longer pay the increases.

MARCH 2012

Wandsworth have increase the rents of council accommodation by up to 10% (average is about 7%).  Because the Council Tax remains the same, those people who were given subsidies and could afford to buy their flats from the Council are not paying more, whereas their next door neighbour who might not have been able to buy their flat could be facing an increase of around £1000 per year rent increase.  Is that fair?