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Evictions and "riots"

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Who was rioting?

Recently much has been made on the news of the criminal records of those who have been arrested.  However, to generalise this as representing those who were involved in the disturbances/protests is statistical nonsense.  Those arrested are far more likely to have records simply because the police can more easily identify them.  Those without records will not be recorded - isn't that obvious?  

We need to repeat over and over again, we do not condone illegal behaviour, just as we do not condone the illegal/immoral behaviour of those in power.  


It is clear that the Courts are handing down very heavy punishments to those prosecuted for their parts in the disturbances.  Is it really justice to give punishments according to the headlines in papers - some of which have been in the headlines themselves for criminal behaviour?  To see a comparison of sentences see: read more

A council meeting discussed "A new mandatory power of possession for anti-social behaviour". We oppose the suggestion that families in council accommodation should be evicted because of the possible behaviour of a single member of the family. This clearly discriminates in favour of families able to afford to buy their own homes.

Whilst not supporting anti-social behaviour, WAC believes that cuts to services in the most vulnerable areas of Wandsworth have accentuated the problem.

6th December, public meeting

The Community Centre at the Doddington was packed to hear: Austen Mitchell, MP;  John McDonnell, MP;  Eileen Short, Defend Council Housing; Chaz Singh: Emma Norton, solicitor with Liberty.

Lib Dems move to block eviction of rioters
Perhaps they have been listening to us!!  
Eviction threat withdrawn

 Press statement    Thursday 19 January 2012     Immediate Release


Wandsworth Council withdraws proposed eviction of an innocent mother and child.

Campaign group Wandsworth against Cuts welcomes the decision of Wandsworth Council to stop the eviction process they started after last summer's riot at Clapham Junction.  Maite de la Calva and her lawyer, Emma Norton from Liberty, met Wandsworth Council on Thursday 19 January, and were told that the Council are not going to proceed.  This is now a precedent for other Councils nationally who want to punish innocent council tenants.  Southwark Council appear to be trying to evict two households in a similar position.

Maite and her eight year old daughter were to be evicted because of her son's limited involvement in the Clapham Junction events last August. They were immediately issued with a Notice Seeking Possession without even the normal prior tenant interview.  David Cameron’s flagship Council was prepared to impose collective punishment on an innocent mother and her young daughter.  But their desire to gain political popularity by being tough on rioters does not justify unacceptable political punishment of relatives, and is against any sense of justice.

Maite's victory is a credit to her own courage and honesty, faced with a highly vindictive attack.  Victory was helped by her many supporters on her Doddington estate in Battersea, by MPs and campaigners from Wandsworth Against Cuts, by Defend Council Housing and by Liberty, as well as the support of Battersea & Wandsworth TUC.

Wandsworth Council, which has £105 million in reserves, and which has been so keen to evict tenants has also threatened to close adventure playgrounds, children’s breakfast clubs, local libraries and the Doddington Children’s Activity Centre. They are now cutting 16 youth worker posts, plus seven more in 2013.  

The threats continue.  Hence the fight against Wandsworth Council cuts goes on. 


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