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The additional FCROSC Council meeting has now been pencilled in for 7.30pm
Monday 25th June.


We need urgent information to help with our alternative proposal:

- land value of the various site areas. Specifically the B1 area on my drawing. I will confirm accurate areas m2 later using auto cad.
- How the sports hall fails to meet requirements. Precisely how much lower is roof? By lowering the floating floor can we achieve competition height?
- accurate refurb budget and details of the gym replacement/refurb comparison.
- any detail on feasibility of access options i.e from manor field, Westliegh. avenue, Hayward gardens.

The current situation is a bit ridiculous - we are being asked for costed alternatives yet no one has been willing to share the vital information that would allow us to do this. I need your help on this to pressure the right people. Please help me ring council/school/estate agent/labour party to get this.... I cant do this on my own.


We also urgently need :


- Meeting notes from Monday
- Detail of the section 77 application that went yesterday


We need to sit down and thrash out our next deputation as soon as possible (over the weekend?)


I am aware there are differing views in the team so we have to agree on a line. Please see my view below and the attachments. Personally I think the all or nothing approach is just too risky and certainly not at all respected by the opposition. My alternative is completely different to the current proposals and will in my view 'save the school'. Unless we have loads of money to fight this legally (which I would love to do) this is our best chance. I have spoken to the Labour group specifically about this approach and they think even this will be tricky unless we can show clear costings. We must have the Labour parties support and an all or nothing approach does not really do this. 


In the meantime I will contact English Heritage and 20C to see if they are willing to make their own deputation. I will also try and persaude AVANTI Architects to make one so that the experts at refurbishment of listed buildings under a very tight financial envelopes are represented.


We also need to get a demo arranged outside and pack the box to the rafters which we will! I've got other helping with this.


Please see my text below and the attachments and let me know what you think.


Many thanks,



Ed Lattimore - 07968 084 339


Ed's Compromise:

We spoke to the Tory councillors briefly in the pub after the meeting and planted the seeds of our comprise. Apparently we gave the view at the meeting that we were unwilling to compromise (no land loss at all) and they clearly objected to this fiercely. We will spend this week drawing them up to try and convince them that they are feasible with only a small financial contribution from the council. The can be achieved by drawing the section 77 line to keep the educational/heritage assets of the site (A1/2), offering B1 as developable land (approx 9000m2). Access could be through the tennis court area North West of Manor Fields? 


Chantal does this Horrify you?? It may be the best of 2 evils?


B1 is also the most valuable area (especially if the access is from Westliegh Ave). We must help maximise the land value by getting English heritage/20 century society general support (I will do this) and by value engineering the refurb (bsf could of been reduced 40%) Avanti architects can help here. This would be a good compromise for everyone and the Tories would be mad to refuse it if we can threaten a STOP motion.

I can also try and persuade AVANTI architects to be there at the next meeting which will add real weight to what we are saying (see below). 

This is my tack - we present this alternative and ensure Labour party are in a viable position to 'stop motion' proceedings if Tories are unwilling to compromise. At some point we have to call their bluff and with a realistic compromise on the table - we need to now put the risk of school closure on their heads. I have suggested this approach to Labour party and so far they are broadly supportive.


I appreciate this will be controversial with you all and I would suggest you write to tell me so outlining your solution.


Best as ever.


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13 Jun 2012, 05:00
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13 Jun 2012, 05:00