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Huffington Post article by Jan Cosgrove

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The following comment on the Huffington Post by Jan Cosgrove of Fair Play for Children demonstrates how unfair the cuts are.  Wandsworth is not the exception.
Fair Play for Children (  Freedom of Information Request re Council expenditure in 2009-10, 10-11, 11-12.

Overall Council expenditure in 11-12 was 93% compared 10-11. Leisure expenditure (mainly adult) was 91% (and this was 10% of overall spend|)

On children's play:

* playground capital 65% of previous year (4.3% of Leisure spend)
* playground revenue (mainly maintenance) 98% of previous year (3% of Leisure spend)
* council playschemes (mainly holiday) 86% (0.97%)
* council other schemes 72% (0.93%)
* grants to Third Sector Play Projects 61% (0.99%)

Total play spend: Just over 10% of leisure spend. Children u16 19% of the English population.

Youth Service 76%

One acre of playground for every 700 or so kids. 1 acre of golf course for every 18 golfers. To provide for 1 acre per 100 children would cost £6.5 billion. 

The child population in England in 2011, 11.5 million. Same as 1901 and 1931, 14 million in the 70s, it will rise to 13.5 million in 25 years.

We estimate that, in the key area where they used to play - the residential street, children have been robbed of 3/4 million acres of street space - by the parked car. 

Despite promises and exhortations councils have demonstrated yet again where they will choose to cut. Children are being grieviously short-changed. It affects health, mortality, development and behaviour.

We have a crisis it's getting worse.

Time to wake up.