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Remember, once the land is sold for housing it will never come back into public ownership.

A host of celebrities who benefitted from being educated at Elliott school are lining up to support the Save Elliott School Campaign which urgently needs your support.  We have had this message from them.

Please visit our website to find out more.

We urgently need people to sign our petition on the Wandsworth council website:

Now is the time to write to the council and the school with strong representation's against the proposed sell off of the main playground and the demolition of the irreplaceable grade II listed Sports Hall and Technology Block.  The land for sale is not 'playing fields' but the main playground - a rich community space, that has historical significance and original features dating back to 1954. The public consultation document is deeply flawed as it does not itemise any of the loss of the re-provision. 


Elliott School:
PA to Headmaster -

Wandsworth council:
Education department project manager Sarah Cornforth
Head of WBC planning and development Bruce Glockling
Planning department project manager - Colin Poke 

We are working behind the scenes with 20C society and English Heritage. 
The most powerful thing we can do is to write to Wandsworth council and the school directly. There are also feedback forms on the schools website:

Also contact local councillors, MPs, newspapers and journalists alike. For a long time these proposals have been hidden from public view. With your help we can change this and have a real discussion about the correct way to fund the schools necessary refurbishment. 

For those who do not get "Putney SW15", you might be interested in looking at the claims being made by ARK, click here.  Reading it, you might think that ARK were responsible for the results, even though they have not taken over the school yet.  So the question remains: why was it necessary to change the school.  As far as we know, ARK are not putting any money into the school and, to us, it seems that it has improved without ARK's help.