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Cost of Road Deaths

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Road safety

Taken from Council Website

Statistics and targets

In 2010 (the latest full statistics available), there were 1024 casualties resulting in:

  • 3 deaths;
  • 99 serious injuries; and
  • 922 slight injuries.

The costs of these injuries to the community can be estimated as:

  • Each death costs £1,790,203
  • Each serious injury costs £205,056
  • Each slight injury costs £21,372

Accidents involving children, the elderly, cyclists and motorcyclists cause more serious injuries and long term problems, which can cost the community more. These costs cover emergency and medical services, repairs and loss of earnings.

What we spent on road safety 2010/11

Education, training and campaigns: £283,410.
This includes all training programmes, events, leaflets, literature, posters, salaries and administration.

Engineering schemes: more than £2,000,000.
This includes design, construction and fees.

School Crossing Patrols: £199,460.
This includes recruitment, training and maintaining the service.

Our road safety targets beyond 2010

Long-term (average of 2018-2020)

Fewer than 92 people killed or seriously injured; fewer than 850 casualties of any severity.

Interim (average of 2012-14)

Fewer than 117 people killed or seriously injured; fewer than 921 casualties of any severity.

New initiatives coming soon:

  • After school cycle training clubs
  • Road safety shows for the elderly
  • Exploring the possibility of providing more Level 3 Cycle Training (advanced) to children