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Committee Meeting, 20th June

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The Education and Childrens' Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee listened to brilliant deputations arguing strongly for the retention of staffing on the 3 adventure playgrounds.  In particular, they heard from 2 teenage users who described both the fears they had, if the staffing were to be removed, and the inspiration and support they had been given by the staff.  Sadly, this did not move the majority party members of the committee and the proposal to pull down Battersea Park Adventure and replace it with equipment similar to that at Holland park was voted through.  See the testimony of Mat Whitley about Holland Park.

An amendment proposed by the 2 Labour Councillors to delay a decision was defeated.  Cllr Boswell has referenced up the whole issue to Full Council where it will be debated on July 11th.

London Play has proposed the setting up of a Wandsworth Play Association, which would be a charity and would like the various groups in the borough, this would enable the raising of funds, although London Play themselves cannot provide funding.

It was also suggested that Kids Company was interested in running all 3 adventure playgrounds but, at this moment, we have no further information about this.

It is understood that parents are obtaining legal advice with a view to mounting a challenge to Wandsworth's proposals.  It is certainly true that their consultations at all 3 playgrounds were cynically inadequate.  At Battersea Park, children were given a choice of equipment, not a choice about change and loss of staffing.