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Are cuts necessary?

posted 17 Aug 2012, 04:53 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 07:58 ]
Let's be clear.  Wandsworth claim that they need to make £55 Million cuts (this has now increased to £70 million for some reason - can they do their sums?).  Have they ever said why?  They have money to buy the Bolingbroke Hospital for over £13 million, when there are surplus secondary school places in Wandsworth.  They have large unallocated reserves and have been criticised by Eric Pickles for not using them.  They increased their investments last year.  We calculate that a modest £2 per week per working age adult rise in Council Tax would avoid all cuts.  £2 per year per household would keep all 3 Adventure Playgrounds operating as they are - fully staffed.

They are selling land, rather than keeping it for the future.  Playing fields at Elliott school are up for grabs - not for council housing, but for private development.(see here)  Eltringham school has been demolished and the site is being sold, again for private development.(see here)  Once sold, that will be the end of it.  Remember those school buildings Wandsworth sold?  What are we short of now?  Primary school places!  Makes you wonder whether anyone in Wandsworth is planning anything beyond the next election and the next headline.

They are offering up to £75,000 discounts to tenants who want to buy their own homes, instead of investing the money into building new council accommodation to house those on the waiting list.