Are cuts necessary?

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Let's be clear.  Wandsworth claim that they need to make £55 Million cuts (this has now increased to £70 million for some reason - can they do their sums?).  Have they ever said why?  They have money to buy the Bolingbroke Hospital for over £13 million, when there are surplus secondary school places in Wandsworth.  They have large unallocated reserves and have been criticised by Eric Pickles for not using them.  They increased their investments last year.  We calculate that a modest £2 per week per working age adult rise in Council Tax would avoid all cuts.  £2 per year per household would keep all 3 Adventure Playgrounds operating as they are - fully staffed.

They are selling land, rather than keeping it for the future.  Playing fields at Elliott school are up for grabs - not for council housing, but for private development.(see here)  Eltringham school has been demolished and the site is being sold, again for private development.(see here)  Once sold, that will be the end of it.  Remember those school buildings Wandsworth sold?  What are we short of now?  Primary school places!  Makes you wonder whether anyone in Wandsworth is planning anything beyond the next election and the next headline.

They are offering up to £75,000 discounts to tenants who want to buy their own homes, instead of investing the money into building new council accommodation to house those on the waiting list.

Cost of Road Deaths

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Road safety

Taken from Council Website

Statistics and targets

In 2010 (the latest full statistics available), there were 1024 casualties resulting in:

  • 3 deaths;
  • 99 serious injuries; and
  • 922 slight injuries.

The costs of these injuries to the community can be estimated as:

  • Each death costs £1,790,203
  • Each serious injury costs £205,056
  • Each slight injury costs £21,372

Accidents involving children, the elderly, cyclists and motorcyclists cause more serious injuries and long term problems, which can cost the community more. These costs cover emergency and medical services, repairs and loss of earnings.

What we spent on road safety 2010/11

Education, training and campaigns: £283,410.
This includes all training programmes, events, leaflets, literature, posters, salaries and administration.

Engineering schemes: more than £2,000,000.
This includes design, construction and fees.

School Crossing Patrols: £199,460.
This includes recruitment, training and maintaining the service.

Our road safety targets beyond 2010

Long-term (average of 2018-2020)

Fewer than 92 people killed or seriously injured; fewer than 850 casualties of any severity.

Interim (average of 2012-14)

Fewer than 117 people killed or seriously injured; fewer than 921 casualties of any severity.

New initiatives coming soon:

  • After school cycle training clubs
  • Road safety shows for the elderly
  • Exploring the possibility of providing more Level 3 Cycle Training (advanced) to children

Committee Meeting, 20th June

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The Education and Childrens' Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee listened to brilliant deputations arguing strongly for the retention of staffing on the 3 adventure playgrounds.  In particular, they heard from 2 teenage users who described both the fears they had, if the staffing were to be removed, and the inspiration and support they had been given by the staff.  Sadly, this did not move the majority party members of the committee and the proposal to pull down Battersea Park Adventure and replace it with equipment similar to that at Holland park was voted through.  See the testimony of Mat Whitley about Holland Park.

An amendment proposed by the 2 Labour Councillors to delay a decision was defeated.  Cllr Boswell has referenced up the whole issue to Full Council where it will be debated on July 11th.

London Play has proposed the setting up of a Wandsworth Play Association, which would be a charity and would like the various groups in the borough, this would enable the raising of funds, although London Play themselves cannot provide funding.

It was also suggested that Kids Company was interested in running all 3 adventure playgrounds but, at this moment, we have no further information about this.

It is understood that parents are obtaining legal advice with a view to mounting a challenge to Wandsworth's proposals.  It is certainly true that their consultations at all 3 playgrounds were cynically inadequate.  At Battersea Park, children were given a choice of equipment, not a choice about change and loss of staffing.

Councillors' contact details

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Southfields: (Kimber Road)
Terence Walsh:

Earlsfield: (Kimber Road)
Matthew Maxwell Scott:
Charles McNaught-Davis:

St Mary's Park: (York Gardens and Battersea Park)

Queenstown: (Battersea Park)
Nicola Nardelli:
Alexander Raubitschek:

And to be fair: Latchmere (York Gardens)

All councillors' details can be downloaded as a mailing list here


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The additional FCROSC Council meeting has now been pencilled in for 7.30pm
Monday 25th June.


We need urgent information to help with our alternative proposal:

- land value of the various site areas. Specifically the B1 area on my drawing. I will confirm accurate areas m2 later using auto cad.
- How the sports hall fails to meet requirements. Precisely how much lower is roof? By lowering the floating floor can we achieve competition height?
- accurate refurb budget and details of the gym replacement/refurb comparison.
- any detail on feasibility of access options i.e from manor field, Westliegh. avenue, Hayward gardens.

The current situation is a bit ridiculous - we are being asked for costed alternatives yet no one has been willing to share the vital information that would allow us to do this. I need your help on this to pressure the right people. Please help me ring council/school/estate agent/labour party to get this.... I cant do this on my own.


We also urgently need :


- Meeting notes from Monday
- Detail of the section 77 application that went yesterday


We need to sit down and thrash out our next deputation as soon as possible (over the weekend?)


I am aware there are differing views in the team so we have to agree on a line. Please see my view below and the attachments. Personally I think the all or nothing approach is just too risky and certainly not at all respected by the opposition. My alternative is completely different to the current proposals and will in my view 'save the school'. Unless we have loads of money to fight this legally (which I would love to do) this is our best chance. I have spoken to the Labour group specifically about this approach and they think even this will be tricky unless we can show clear costings. We must have the Labour parties support and an all or nothing approach does not really do this. 


In the meantime I will contact English Heritage and 20C to see if they are willing to make their own deputation. I will also try and persaude AVANTI Architects to make one so that the experts at refurbishment of listed buildings under a very tight financial envelopes are represented.


We also need to get a demo arranged outside and pack the box to the rafters which we will! I've got other helping with this.


Please see my text below and the attachments and let me know what you think.


Many thanks,



Ed Lattimore - 07968 084 339


Ed's Compromise:

We spoke to the Tory councillors briefly in the pub after the meeting and planted the seeds of our comprise. Apparently we gave the view at the meeting that we were unwilling to compromise (no land loss at all) and they clearly objected to this fiercely. We will spend this week drawing them up to try and convince them that they are feasible with only a small financial contribution from the council. The can be achieved by drawing the section 77 line to keep the educational/heritage assets of the site (A1/2), offering B1 as developable land (approx 9000m2). Access could be through the tennis court area North West of Manor Fields? 


Chantal does this Horrify you?? It may be the best of 2 evils?


B1 is also the most valuable area (especially if the access is from Westliegh Ave). We must help maximise the land value by getting English heritage/20 century society general support (I will do this) and by value engineering the refurb (bsf could of been reduced 40%) Avanti architects can help here. This would be a good compromise for everyone and the Tories would be mad to refuse it if we can threaten a STOP motion.

I can also try and persuade AVANTI architects to be there at the next meeting which will add real weight to what we are saying (see below). 

This is my tack - we present this alternative and ensure Labour party are in a viable position to 'stop motion' proceedings if Tories are unwilling to compromise. At some point we have to call their bluff and with a realistic compromise on the table - we need to now put the risk of school closure on their heads. I have suggested this approach to Labour party and so far they are broadly supportive.


I appreciate this will be controversial with you all and I would suggest you write to tell me so outlining your solution.


Best as ever.


Elliot: read more

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Remember, once the land is sold for housing it will never come back into public ownership.

A host of celebrities who benefitted from being educated at Elliott school are lining up to support the Save Elliott School Campaign which urgently needs your support.  We have had this message from them.

Please visit our website to find out more.

We urgently need people to sign our petition on the Wandsworth council website:

Now is the time to write to the council and the school with strong representation's against the proposed sell off of the main playground and the demolition of the irreplaceable grade II listed Sports Hall and Technology Block.  The land for sale is not 'playing fields' but the main playground - a rich community space, that has historical significance and original features dating back to 1954. The public consultation document is deeply flawed as it does not itemise any of the loss of the re-provision. 


Elliott School:
PA to Headmaster -

Wandsworth council:
Education department project manager Sarah Cornforth
Head of WBC planning and development Bruce Glockling
Planning department project manager - Colin Poke 

We are working behind the scenes with 20C society and English Heritage. 
The most powerful thing we can do is to write to Wandsworth council and the school directly. There are also feedback forms on the schools website:

Also contact local councillors, MPs, newspapers and journalists alike. For a long time these proposals have been hidden from public view. With your help we can change this and have a real discussion about the correct way to fund the schools necessary refurbishment. 

For those who do not get "Putney SW15", you might be interested in looking at the claims being made by ARK, click here.  Reading it, you might think that ARK were responsible for the results, even though they have not taken over the school yet.  So the question remains: why was it necessary to change the school.  As far as we know, ARK are not putting any money into the school and, to us, it seems that it has improved without ARK's help.

Huffington Post article by Jan Cosgrove

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The following comment on the Huffington Post by Jan Cosgrove of Fair Play for Children demonstrates how unfair the cuts are.  Wandsworth is not the exception.
Fair Play for Children (  Freedom of Information Request re Council expenditure in 2009-10, 10-11, 11-12.

Overall Council expenditure in 11-12 was 93% compared 10-11. Leisure expenditure (mainly adult) was 91% (and this was 10% of overall spend|)

On children's play:

* playground capital 65% of previous year (4.3% of Leisure spend)
* playground revenue (mainly maintenance) 98% of previous year (3% of Leisure spend)
* council playschemes (mainly holiday) 86% (0.97%)
* council other schemes 72% (0.93%)
* grants to Third Sector Play Projects 61% (0.99%)

Total play spend: Just over 10% of leisure spend. Children u16 19% of the English population.

Youth Service 76%

One acre of playground for every 700 or so kids. 1 acre of golf course for every 18 golfers. To provide for 1 acre per 100 children would cost £6.5 billion. 

The child population in England in 2011, 11.5 million. Same as 1901 and 1931, 14 million in the 70s, it will rise to 13.5 million in 25 years.

We estimate that, in the key area where they used to play - the residential street, children have been robbed of 3/4 million acres of street space - by the parked car. 

Despite promises and exhortations councils have demonstrated yet again where they will choose to cut. Children are being grieviously short-changed. It affects health, mortality, development and behaviour.

We have a crisis it's getting worse.

Time to wake up.

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