Pay to Play

Public anger once forced Wandsworth Council to withdraw its plans to make children pay to play at Battersea Park Adventure Playground. Now pay to play is back and being extended to parents and toddlers at One O’clock clubs too.

Following the demolition of Battersea Park Adventure Playground the council has now reintroduced plans to CHARGE children to use the tree walk, assault course and climbing activities that will be on offer in the new playground.  
There will also be CHARGES for activities offered at the club rooms that used to be free as part of the Adventure Playgrounds in Battersea Park and Kimber Road.  

The Battersea Park One O’clock Centre will be closed and the building rented out as a commercially run cafe instead.

Parents will have to PAY to stay and play at the current One O’clock Centres, Bolingbroke, Windmill, Coronation gardens, King George’s Park and Fontley Way. 

13 play work posts will be cut

 Wandsworth Against Cuts is deeply concerned that  families already suffering from the recession are being priced out of activities provided through the council. The One O’clock Centres introducing charges are those that have been re-designated as children's centres and are to be used for the new two year old nursery provision that the government has ordered.  While we welcome the extension of nursery provision, this should be happening in addition to rather than instead of existing children's services.  One O’clock clubs should be free for all to attend in our community. Parents who use them form lasting friendships and networks through them and get access to much needed advice and support.  It is a cynical move on the part of the council to use the new 2 year old provision as an excuse for withdrawing a much valued community service.