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Local people are outraged at the recommendation made by South West London NHS that two out of five of our hospitals in South West London should lose their A&E and maternity departments.

Background information

The Health and Social Care Act becomes effective from 1 April.

It was opposed by virtually the entire healthcare profession, from the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nursing, The Consultants Association through to Unison and Unite.

Despite that, and a spirited fight against the Bill, it was approved by Parliament in 2012.

Labour has pledged to repeal the Act.

How will the changes affect Wandsworth?

What Can We Do To Stop The Destruction Of The NHS?

1. We need to abolish the market in the NHS.

This was a pledge made at the 1997 general Election by Tony Blair - but never carried out. This is the key. 
  • We should raise the issue in every organisation of the Labour movement. 
  • Raise the issue in Trade union branches, constituency Labour party's and at conferences. 
  • Labour needs to recommit itself to the abolition of the Thatcherite market in the NHS. 
As long as that is in place we can never have an integrated health service and the NHS will be open to privatisation, unlike the NHS in Scotland where the Scottish government has not allowed a market in healthcare.

2. Support those organisations that are campaigning against privatisation and cuts in the health service. 

In Wandsworth there is a group of one such organisation, SW London 'Keep Our NHS Public' 
SW London KONHSP meets the second Tuesday in the month at 7.30pm at Colliers Wood Community Centre, a 4 minute walk from Colliers Wood tube. 

For more information contact- 

Visit the national Keep Our NHS Public website for more information about what is happening in the NHS. 

3. Put Pressure On The Wandsworth CCG 

The Government made much of the idea of 'a patient's right to choose' when pushing through the legislation. 

Wandsworth CCG has written into their constitution that it, 'will uphold the principles of patient choice in ensuring that every service it directly commissions promotes patient choice' 

Let us take them at their word and bombard GPs and the CCG with the demand that we wish only to be seen by an NHS provider and not by a private provider. 
Keep Our NHS Public has produced a card which can be signed and sent to a GP saying that the patient wishes to exercise the 'right to choose' and only wants to be seen by an NHS provider and not by a private provider. 

Cards obtainable from- 

A letter is downloadable along similar lines. 

Let Wandsworth CCG know that you want all health services to be provided by the NHS, not by a private provider 

4. St George's Hospital 

St George's Hospital is trying to become a Foundation Trust hospital. 
Don't be fooled by the hype that Foundation Trust hospitals are more democratic or controlled by local people. 
  • They are run by an unelected Board of Directors. 
  • There is an elected Board of Governors but they have very little power and meet just four times a year. 
  • The new Health and Social Care Act gives Foundation Trust hospitals the right to raise 49% of their income from private patients, previously it was 5%. 

St George's Trust Board have been quick to take advantage of this new power and are seeking to develop a private patients wing, with 40 beds for private patients and 2 operating theatres. 

All this is to be done with tax payers' money.It will lead to queue jumping by those with the ability to pay, and longer waiting times for NHS patients. There is already a lack of room for the expansion of NHS services at St George's giving over much needed space to the private sector will not help 
Contact your MP, local councillors and the hospital and let them know what you think about the suggestion. 



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