Message from Jan Cosgrove, National Secretary of Fair Play for Children

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 I phoned Norman MacLean of Wandsworth Against the Cuts yesterday afternoon after receiving WAC’s report about the forcible removal of members of the occupation, who have complained of rough handling. Norman was not in any way impressed with the majority party at Wandsworth Council that has forced this matter through against huge public opposition to the total loss of the London Borough’s adventure playground provision, replaced by fixed equipment unstaffed provision.
I believe we all should join him and WAC in paying tribute to the Occupy people who took on the brunt of the last defence of this provision. Norman told me that 2 last defenders had barricaded themselves inside a building.
Wandsworth has wantonly wrecked decades of achievement, has failed to listen, and has forced through closures opposed on every side, including London Play, Play England and Fair Play for Children. Councillor Tracey holds the cabinet post for Children’s Services at Wandsworth – she should have defended this provision, instead she has led its total loss. Not fit for purpose, Councillor.
But this is no isolated event – across the country, children’s play provision has been hammered by Councils, and the damage is continuing. Our report Unfair Play for Children shows the extent of this over-emphasis on cutting play provision, especially where run by the voluntary sector. A similar situation affects youth provision – for example, West Sussex has cuts its youth budget from £16m a few years back to £6, or by a staggering 62%. Of 58 supported youth centres, some 42 have been told they will cease to be supported in staffing and grant terms, and even some of the 16 are being ‘reviewed’ for a third time.
When this Coalition Government came to power, one of its first actions was to cut the Play England budget severely. And also to announce that the gains under the previous Government of some semblance of a national strategy would be entirely abandoned. This no doubt in line with its mantra of ‘localism’ – decisions on play are best made at local level, e.g. by councils, never mind local neighbourhoods and communities. Result? Well people must judge for themselves how important many councils view play.
In spite of the growing, persistent and alarming evidence of the effect of lack/loss of play opportunity, lip-serviced by government and councils, we see the truth of its real status in actions such as at Wandsworth.
The reality is: Play has never been able to get a fair deal for children from councils, it isn’t getting one now, and this is set to continue.

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(Fair Play for Children have promoted children’s right to play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child)