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posted 21 Jan 2013, 04:56 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD
Thank you for educating all of us about what is really happening in Battersea re the playgrounds
Another tragedy in the making: watch the long term figures of youth turning more to drugs (albeit and HOPEFUULY, only recreational use) as opposed to the healthy "dangerous" challenge and adventure of the wonderful Adventure playground

I am a drugs worker and I got involved with this as an occupy activist, BUT I am also a parent and know alot about drugs use, addiction, drug policy and so felt desperate to help the activists out as much as I could..  I saw the AP as a preventative measure for so many youth in the area.

G knows how it will be for them in the next decade..Meanwhile, this brutal government is planning to build more prisons...We seem to be going the US way and it is a social tragedy waiting to happen

We can only do our best as parents, teachers and so on to assist our kids/young people not to get into stuff that will harm them and potentially others