Friends of Putney Common spokesperson

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I am writing as a Wandsworth (Putney) resident to congratulate you on your excellent campaign. I wish you success in particular with your current campaign in Battersea.
You may be interested to know that I belong to a group called Friends of Putney Common. Our website -   - contains more information about our own campaign. We recently challenged a planning application from Wandsworth Council for a mixed development on Putney Common. The High Court is in the process of quashing Wandsworth council's planning application. I mention this because the cuts you are so splendidly highighting contrast starkly with the money the council has wasted on submitting a major planning application to itself which was unlawful from the start. Not only has the council wasted substantial amounts of money legally defending this scheme, it has also been ordered by the High Court to pay our costs.
Needless to say it appears that the reason Wandsworth Council was so keen to push this planning application through was because they would have made a a substantial amount of money sellling the site to a developer for of a block of "luxury" private flats, with no provision at all for social housing.
I wish you all the best with your campaign.