Fair Play for Children

posted 18 Jan 2013, 14:50 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD
Fair Play for Children (supporting the Child's Right to Play, and to be Consulted) supports the retention of the Adventure Playgrounds of Wandsworth, the Council is acting against children's and parents wishes. fancy unsupervised equipment is no substitute for staffed playwork where kids work with imaginative and dedicated adults. This is a short-sighted policy, people may not like Occupy's approach but it seems to me Wandsworth Council has left people with little option but to defy the law. It's an honourable British habit when Cold Authority refuses to listen. Councils across Britain have hit play provision of this kind harder than most other services. We are losing decades of achievement, experience and commitment. The Battersea Struggle is representative of what is happening in a country where over decades our kids have lost so much play access and environment.