Email to Cllr Tracey from a resident

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Dear Cllr Tracey


Shame on you and your disgraceful colleagues for (a) closing down Battersea Adventure Playground which was and should continue to be a fantastic resource (b) demonising the Occupy protesters who I and every other parent that I know fully support. Your decision to shut neighbouring facilities seems entirely opportunistic and and self-serving. I will be visiting the site this weekend in order to give the protesters food, fuel and blankets.


I understand from campaigners and people within the council (including some other councillors) that organisations such as Kids Company have offered to run the playground on the council's behalf but that Wandsworth has shown very little interest in their approaches. Your lack of regard for the children within this borough and surrounding areas absolutely sickens me. I can only hope that you get your come-uppance at the council elections next year - I certainly won't forget your and your colleagues' indifference to the many, many people justifiably upset and outraged by the closure of this playground and the destruction of two others.