Email sent to Cllrs Govindia and Tracey cc'd to WAC

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It would seem not only should you hang your heads in shame for trying to destroy a kids playgrounds, you are a bunch of blatant liars too.

Why are you blatantly lying about the occupation by kids and their parents of Battersea Park Adventure Playground? Occupiers who are only there to stop the bulldozers you sent in (or tried to).

Why have you falsely claimed the occupiers are destroying the structures to burn wood on their fires when they are burning scrap wood? The claim is a bit rich when you had intended to send in bulldozers to destroy the structures.

Why have you falsely claimed occupiers are urinating and defecating all over the occupied site, when they are clearing up the site? Why did you threaten to close nearby public toilets and try to prevent occupiers re-entering the site if they left to use public toilets?

Why have you closed the One O'Clock Club and playground for younger kids, thus depriving even more kids of fun? Occupation of the Adventure Playground was not good cause for closure. There was no plans for closure when the bulldozers were sent in.

Are you aware kids are now climbing over the fence to gain access?

Today a young kid was in tears, her parent furious, at this lack of access.

Over 5,000 folk have signed a petition objecting to your crass stupidity? Why are they being ignored?

There is a serious and growing problem of gang culture across London. Battersea Park Adventure Playground gave kids an alternative to gangs, a fun place to be , where they felt safe and valued.  Are you happy that your crass stupidity is driving these kids straight into the hands of gangs and drug dealers?

A society is judged by how it treats its children.

Your behaviour is that of a bunch of playground bullies.

I trust you will be issuing a public apology to to the kids you have abused and to the kids and parents you have smeared.

I note the lack of courtesy not responding to earlier e-mail which only serves to highlight the contempt you have for the public.