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Alan Sutton says:

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Why can't Wandsworth afford them, while Islington is committed to
maintaining a dozen good adventure playgrounds? Councillor Tracey's
assertion that they have to go because the last Labour government
overspent is just a silly political lie. Shame on her for playing
national politics with Wandsworth children's lives.

For details of Islington's provision see -

Message via Nappy Valley website

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Thank you for educating all of us about what is really happening in Battersea re the playgrounds
Another tragedy in the making: watch the long term figures of youth turning more to drugs (albeit and HOPEFUULY, only recreational use) as opposed to the healthy "dangerous" challenge and adventure of the wonderful Adventure playground

I am a drugs worker and I got involved with this as an occupy activist, BUT I am also a parent and know alot about drugs use, addiction, drug policy and so felt desperate to help the activists out as much as I could..  I saw the AP as a preventative measure for so many youth in the area.

G knows how it will be for them in the next decade..Meanwhile, this brutal government is planning to build more prisons...We seem to be going the US way and it is a social tragedy waiting to happen

We can only do our best as parents, teachers and so on to assist our kids/young people not to get into stuff that will harm them and potentially others

Comments from various quarters

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Fair Play for Children

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Fair Play for Children (supporting the Child's Right to Play, and to be Consulted) supports the retention of the Adventure Playgrounds of Wandsworth, the Council is acting against children's and parents wishes. fancy unsupervised equipment is no substitute for staffed playwork where kids work with imaginative and dedicated adults. This is a short-sighted policy, people may not like Occupy's approach but it seems to me Wandsworth Council has left people with little option but to defy the law. It's an honourable British habit when Cold Authority refuses to listen. Councils across Britain have hit play provision of this kind harder than most other services. We are losing decades of achievement, experience and commitment. The Battersea Struggle is representative of what is happening in a country where over decades our kids have lost so much play access and environment.

Labour statement

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We are sympathetic to the aims of those occupying Battersea Park Adventure Playground - however we cannot and do not support any illegal activity in pursuing these goals.

It is extremely disappointing that Wandsworth Council is pushing ahead with plans to demolish this valued resource without exploring all alternatives.  Just over the border in Lambeth, the council has shown there are different ways to achieve the savings that Wandsworth is chasing. Lambeth's adventure playgrounds are being handed over to co-operative partnerships, between community groups and the Council, which will not only keep their playgrounds open, but will keep them open for longer hours.  Crucially, these co-ooperatives will involve the youngsters that use these facilties.

We hope that even at this eleventh hour, Wandsworth Council 's Conservative Councillors will consider the alternatives and listen to the voices of over 5,000 people who have signed a petition against the demolition.

Email to Cllr Tracey from a resident

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Dear Cllr Tracey


Shame on you and your disgraceful colleagues for (a) closing down Battersea Adventure Playground which was and should continue to be a fantastic resource (b) demonising the Occupy protesters who I and every other parent that I know fully support. Your decision to shut neighbouring facilities seems entirely opportunistic and and self-serving. I will be visiting the site this weekend in order to give the protesters food, fuel and blankets.


I understand from campaigners and people within the council (including some other councillors) that organisations such as Kids Company have offered to run the playground on the council's behalf but that Wandsworth has shown very little interest in their approaches. Your lack of regard for the children within this borough and surrounding areas absolutely sickens me. I can only hope that you get your come-uppance at the council elections next year - I certainly won't forget your and your colleagues' indifference to the many, many people justifiably upset and outraged by the closure of this playground and the destruction of two others.


A local resident

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Dear Ms Tracy

I am writing to appeal to your good judgement and stop this ridiculous destruction of the well loved playground.

I have lived in Battersea for 25 years and my daughter and now my grandchildren use this wonderful facility.  

It seems absolute madness and a total lack of intelligence to do away with a safe place for children to play in these times of uncertain dangers on the streets.

I expect much more of a progressive council than to be so very short sighted.  Please put your money where it can do some good, into the future tax payers of Wandsworth.

I truly hope you will see sense and stop this action.

Fair Play for Children

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Just to say Fair Play is 100% behind you on the Battersea issue, we are posting your stories on our daily news service and sending out to our email contacts.

Email received from Jan Cosgrove, who has been following the campaign.

Email sent to Cllrs Govindia and Tracey cc'd to WAC

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It would seem not only should you hang your heads in shame for trying to destroy a kids playgrounds, you are a bunch of blatant liars too.

Why are you blatantly lying about the occupation by kids and their parents of Battersea Park Adventure Playground? Occupiers who are only there to stop the bulldozers you sent in (or tried to).

Why have you falsely claimed the occupiers are destroying the structures to burn wood on their fires when they are burning scrap wood? The claim is a bit rich when you had intended to send in bulldozers to destroy the structures.

Why have you falsely claimed occupiers are urinating and defecating all over the occupied site, when they are clearing up the site? Why did you threaten to close nearby public toilets and try to prevent occupiers re-entering the site if they left to use public toilets?

Why have you closed the One O'Clock Club and playground for younger kids, thus depriving even more kids of fun? Occupation of the Adventure Playground was not good cause for closure. There was no plans for closure when the bulldozers were sent in.

Are you aware kids are now climbing over the fence to gain access?

Today a young kid was in tears, her parent furious, at this lack of access.

Over 5,000 folk have signed a petition objecting to your crass stupidity? Why are they being ignored?

There is a serious and growing problem of gang culture across London. Battersea Park Adventure Playground gave kids an alternative to gangs, a fun place to be , where they felt safe and valued.  Are you happy that your crass stupidity is driving these kids straight into the hands of gangs and drug dealers?

A society is judged by how it treats its children.

Your behaviour is that of a bunch of playground bullies.

I trust you will be issuing a public apology to to the kids you have abused and to the kids and parents you have smeared.

I note the lack of courtesy not responding to earlier e-mail which only serves to highlight the contempt you have for the public.

Friends of Putney Common spokesperson

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I am writing as a Wandsworth (Putney) resident to congratulate you on your excellent campaign. I wish you success in particular with your current campaign in Battersea.
You may be interested to know that I belong to a group called Friends of Putney Common. Our website -   - contains more information about our own campaign. We recently challenged a planning application from Wandsworth Council for a mixed development on Putney Common. The High Court is in the process of quashing Wandsworth council's planning application. I mention this because the cuts you are so splendidly highighting contrast starkly with the money the council has wasted on submitting a major planning application to itself which was unlawful from the start. Not only has the council wasted substantial amounts of money legally defending this scheme, it has also been ordered by the High Court to pay our costs.
Needless to say it appears that the reason Wandsworth Council was so keen to push this planning application through was because they would have made a a substantial amount of money sellling the site to a developer for of a block of "luxury" private flats, with no provision at all for social housing.
I wish you all the best with your campaign.

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