Appeal to Councillors

Cllr Ryder's reply

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I appreciate all the points you make in your email, without necessarily accepting them. But I can promise you, having sat through considerable discussions on this issue, that any decisions on the playgrounds have not been taken lightly.  And every viewpoint will be very seriously considered before final decisions. Yours sincerely, Cllr Mike Ryder (Thamesfield)

Cllr Dawson's reply

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Thank you for your email.

The proposals which the Council is developing for the adventure playgrounds are both exciting and sustainable which is why I will continue to support them.

Kind regards

Peter Dawson

Email sent to every Councillor

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The Council is being asked to consider a proposal to spend £500,000 on removing the existing Adventure Playgrounds structures in Battersea Park, York Gardens and Kimber Road.  We understand that at Battersea Park and York Gardens the structures will be replaced with 'safe' commercially produced equipment  and that the adventurous aspects will not be replaced, thus justifying the removal of staffing.  At Kimber Road it is proposed to replace the Adventure Playground with an extended skateboard park.  The plans for York Gardens have not been widely available for residents to comment, responses are more likely to come from parents of younger children because of where they are displayed.


Whilst we understand that the Council believes that some savings have to be made, we firmly believe that this plan, combined with the other cuts to youth services, is entirely the wrong move and will, in the long run, lead to greater vandalism, criminality and disaffection.




Equipment Failure:  According to the response to an FoI request, there have been frequent failures of the existing commercially produced equipment.  Costs of repairs and monitoring the equipment do not seem to have been taken into account.  Staff will not be on site to monitor.  Although no injuries are reported as yet, in the absence of staff, the risk become much higher.


York Gardens:  Parents who live in high rise blocks cannot simultaneously supervise their children on the play equipment, cook dinner, supervise homework, etc from the 9th floor.  The view of local residents is that, without staffing, the problems of drug dealing and gangs will increase and the recruiting grounds will be York Gardens.  The plans indicate that there will be almost no equipment to keep teenagers occupied.  This could lead to greater levels of vandalism.


Kimber Road:  There is an area in the middle of the Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout which has traditionally be used by BMXers and skateboarders.  However, recently teenagers have complained that there is a level of bullying by adult participants and the younger ones are no longer comfortable using that area.  Those who use this area are not local, but come from all over London.  This is likely to happen at Kimber Road if there is no staffing.  The majority of local teenagers who use Kimber Road Adventure Playground do not use the skate park.  These teenagers would not be provided for and would, almost certainly, move to Southside Shopping Centre.  Skateboarding is already provided for on Clapham Common.


Battersea Park:  Although many parents do take their children to the playspace for younger children, one of the reasons for the popularity of the Battersea Park Adventure Playground is the extensive, challenging and adventurous structures, together with the range of special activities organised by the staff.  A report from a visitor to the Holland Park playground, suggests that the majority of users are younger than teenagers and that the commercial equipment is lacking the challenge and adventure of the Battersea Park playground.


Petition and Response


You may know that we have been running a petition, the wording of which is below.  Many of those we have spoken to are unaware of the proposals and, when it is explained to them, are extremely angry, particularly when they realise that this proposal is to save a paltry £280,000 or so a year in salaries, compared to the £500,000 estimated to put the plan into effect.  Many young people feel that they have unfairly taken the brunt of the cuts, with cuts to youth clubs as well as the proposals to cut the playgrounds.  Many adults we have spoken to speak very highly of the role that play leaders on the Adventure Playgrounds had on their teenage years, especially those who lived in high rise blocks.  Many express concern about the teenagers reactions and the cost to the community of that reaction.


To date we have over 1500 (now over 3800)signatures on a petition which says:


"We, the undersigned, demand that Wandsworth Council reverse their decision to remove the play staff and end the service at Battersea Park, York Gardens and Kimber Road Adventure Playgrounds.


We believe the playground staff contribute significantly to the development of young people as responsible, confident and independent adults.  In closing down this service Wandsworth Council are taking support away from vulnerable young people."


We urge you to do whatever you can to prevent the closure of the Adventure Playgrounds as they are now, together with the loss of staff.

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