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Written by Estelle and friends in workshop with staff at Adventure Playground 
(The beginnings of her singing career) 

The Playground is where the people meet 
It keeps the young kids from hanging on the streets 
To motivate young minds and keep us together 
No! No!! I’ll never leave the Playground ever 

After school, I don’t go straight home - No 
It’s to the Playground that I need to go 
Sitting around being merry wid all my friends 
I didn’t intend for the day to end 

The music is kicking, activities are great 
I can’t go home my ma gets back late, 
If I go to my house I’ll be alone 
And to the streets I’ll start to roam 

It’s important to live in a tight community 
And in the Playground everybody’s in unity 
Yo! What would you do if the Playground was not here? 
All I know, It wouldn’t be a happy atmosphere!