Sue Whitley OBE

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Dear Councillors Hallmark, Davies and Strickland
I am writing to protest in the the strongest terms against the plan to do away with the Battersea Park Adventure Playground in its current form. The playground is not only an invaluable focus for the young of the whole area, regardless of their backgrounds and family circumstances, but it combines two things which are becoming increasingly rare in our risk averse society - a really exciting place to play and let off steam, staffed by admirably responsible and effective young people. I'd forego practically anything to ensure that those people kept the jobs they are doing so well - and in today's climate it strikes me as almost cruelty to propose doing away with them. Wandsworth Council has, I know, made much of its success in keeping the Council Tax so low - I wonder if it may now be doing that at the expense of things which really matter in our borough. Your finance department is pitiful: I have a disabled husband and have spent the last two years (look up the letters) trying to get a bill for periods of respite care which he enjoyed at Meadbank during that time. I knew I owed the money, I was willing to pay it. I eventually got the bill (over £3000) a month ago. Two weeks later I received a further bill for nearly £5000 for home help between September and April which I have never had at all. A waste of everyone's time, effort and temper. Wouldn't the money saved by billing people accurately and in a timely fashion pay for several Adventure Playgrounds? It might, you know.
Attached is an email from my stepson who grew up in Battersea, whose children  play here, and to whom Battersea Playground is the last bastion of what really matters to children who have grown out of the swings and roundabouts and need exciting and creative outlets for their energies. I couldn't put it better myself. I am not traditionally a Labour supporter but if this plan goes through I certainly shan't be voting Conservative again.
Yours sincerely
Sue Whitley OBE