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posted 8 Jun 2012, 06:10 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 06:11 ]
I think that the proposal to get rid of the Battersea Park Adventure Playground staff is both unacceptable and hardly necessary.

I've been attending Battersea Park Adventure Playground for as long as I can remember.
Pauline and the rest of the staff have always supported me as an aspiring artist by believing in me and helping me build a fanbase and many more supporters within my community.
The staff at the Adventure Playground helped me build my confidence as a performer,provided serveral activities during the holidays to assure me and my friends were not out on the streets and most of all making me feel safe and comfortable.

The staff are the heart of the playground.They are influential figures to those whom are not always surrounded by the best role models and encouraging people who make sure everybody feels welcome and never out of place.

This is beyond money,these playgrounds are the environment of the youth,and by taking the staff,the family,that sense of community away from them,you are showing they are not cared for.Have you even considered safety and protection of these children?

Years after performing for multiple times at the Adventure
Playground,I've been able to use that confidence they helped me build to perform at venues such as Southbank,02,Wandsworth Civic Suite and gross over 12,000+ views on YouTube.

As an Artist,I feel it's important to support and nurture the younger generations to  help them fufill their dreams,even when they're are not having the best personal life.
Places like Adventure and the staff help children with self esteem and believing in themselves,so your proposal to fire them is not only not necessary,but selfish.

I hope whoever reads this understands how much the staff have helped me and everybody else that used to and continues to go there.