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Another parent

posted 6 Oct 2012, 15:32 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

We use it a lot and would not be able to do so under the new proposals. Plus to destroy the existing structures is an act of petty vandalism and (this should appeal to you) really bad value for money, given how recently Kimber Road was upgraded.
Please talk to Kids Co and London Play Association to see how they can take over Kimber Road (and York Gardens and Battersea Park)

A video made by a passerby

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View from a 10 year old

posted 6 Oct 2012, 15:19 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD   [ updated 26 Jan 2013, 13:25 ]

I am girl who is ten, who is eleven this year and I am heart broken that you are replacing the adventure playground with a cheaper offer I think that this is low and unfair if you think taking away my and 4000 others (that you ignored)playground for a Cheeper option well I can tell you one thing I am 10 and I very passionate about it and others are and I will certainly not be coming to your cheeper option (the new playgrond)you are taking away my and others happiness so you can live with the guilt you are not only taking away children's happiness but your are taking away the staff at the 1 o'clock club 

Kimber Road

posted 6 Oct 2012, 15:07 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

I was crying at Kimber Rd Playground on Saturday, where I spent 4 hours with my  children. It was full of kids, an amasing atmosphere. I would have loved to invite a councellor to witnes the scene. The staff as usual very active, loving, helping, on the go. HOW SAD to see this end....

A parent who uses Kimber Road

posted 6 Oct 2012, 15:03 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

My family, and thousands of regular users (I understand there were 4000 signatures) of the playgrounds are truly devastated. I personally speak about Kimber Rd which is my local playground, and Battersea Park as we visit once or twice a month (where kids spend many hours without running out of steam). These are NOT only playgrounds, because of the staff there, they are services, very needed in today's society, for safety, to stop and prevent bullying, to make sure young users put into practice respect and give everyone a fair turn. Without staff there is no community feel, there is no interaction, there is not sharing. Without the staff the playgrounds will NOT be safe for youngsters to visit.

Email received 09/09/2012

posted 9 Sep 2012, 05:35 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

Wandsworth council should be ashamed of themselves.

Another accident in the unstaffed "safe play"

posted 15 Aug 2012, 02:14 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD   [ updated 26 Jan 2013, 13:27 ]

I am a childminder. On Wednesday I was with my minded children in the "safe play" area for small children at Battersea Park when I noticed a small child who seemed to have fallen from one of the structures and cut his head quite badly. He was with his grandmother who, in her panic, had problems communicating.

Fortunately, the play leaders from the Adventure Playground came out to help and provide first aid treatment. The staff were very quick to come and help, even though they were short staffed. It was also lucky they were there because when an ambulance was called it needed a play leader to direct them to the right place and get them through the gates. Being a childminder, I know parents send their children to the play area on their own. If this was the case what would the child have done - on their own or with friends. I also had to get back to minding the children I had taken to the play area and wasn't able to stay with the child and very upset grandmother.

I don't know what will happen if there aren't any staff around. Who will step in to help then?

Staff find Missing Child

posted 24 Jul 2012, 07:39 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD   [ updated 15 Aug 2012, 02:19 ]

This was taken from a Facebook entry.  The child went missing from the unstaffed "safe" play area.
**** (child's name) went missing today at Battersea Park Adventure Playground. It was only for 15 minutes but it was the worst 15 minutes I've had in years. I want to support your campaign to keep the staff there on site. They were SO helpful. That place needs it's staff. Totally.

A member of staff on the Adventure Playground was alerted and radioed a description to other colleagues and the child was found.

Simon, Southfields

posted 12 Jun 2012, 02:21 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

This week my daughter and I spent a happy couple of hours at Kimber Road. She is just 7 and really likes the rope swings. She always manages to make friends with whoever is there. Not only does she have a great time but learns valuable lessons about taking turns. If it was just a BMX track I doubt that we would come. There are no other rope swings near us and we would really miss it.


posted 10 Jun 2012, 14:54 by Xxx Xxl Sexy Xnxx Xvideos HD

"our grandchildren love the playground & would be willing to give their views on the threatened closure. Let me know what you want my next e-mail to contain"

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