4 Rivers Bike Path- South Korea

The 4 Rivers Bike Path is a 630 km journey on bike paths and rural roads that go through South Korea from the northwest coast at Incheon, near Seoul, to Busan on the Southeast coast. It is part of a huge infrastructure project President Lee Myung Bak pushed for. While the project is shrouded in controversy over political and environmental ethics issues, I feel fortunate as a recreational enthusiast to have the infrastructure in place to give me a safe, low risk, low traffic way to get started with cycle touring. While the trip was shorter in duration and lower in risk than either the AT or PCT, it had a very high level of adventure due to my inexperience cycle touring and being in a foreign country. I got lost a lot, but that added to the excitement. I met so many generous and kind people along the way and wish to thank all of them for their help, company, and kindness. Below are my pictures and journal from the fun, hot, and painful trip. 

Incheon to Busan

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4 Rivers Journal

Gear and Skills Afterthoughts
I will give myself some leeway since it was my first bike tour, but I made a lot of mistakes in a lot of areas. I carried camping stuff and clothes for possible cold weather in a cheap, heavy trailer. None of that was smart. The trailer was a slow burden, and I failed to practice with it which led to stress my body wasn't used to. It was too hot to camp outside while motels are cheap and very easy to find in Korea. No warm clothes were needed, but I didn't do well checking the weather so I didn't know that.  I didn't check my first aid kit and didn't realize I had no anti-inflammatory meds. I never bothered to stop and pick some up until half way through the trip. Even then, I didn't take them often enough. I didn't eat enough snacks or drink enough water. I would often pass up on food opportunities when I really should have stopped and ate. I didn't break enough and I worked too hard which contributed to my injuries. The trike did great and I was very comfortable the whole trip, even with quick, hard tires (whose pressure I failed to check much). I should have more knowledge about routine bike mechanics though, and I should work harder to maintain my ride. Needless to say, things will be different next time. Despite all of my missteps, I managed to complete the path and I learned a lot from the experience.