4 tartines dinner

For each tartines, you'll need : 

a very good leavened bread, or Poilâne if you find any

Grill each slices of bread on a char-grill pan, on each face or just one (up to you to decide), until you see the lines of the grill on it.

Tartine with houmous and carrots : 

- 1 or 2 tablespoon of houmous

- 1 small carrot

- a few sesame seeds

- a few spinach shoots

- a good pinch of cumin powder

- a few leaves of coriander 

Peel the carrot.

Make some tagliatelle with the carrot (grate them lengthwise with a vegetable peeler). Put those strands in a bol and cover with boiling water. Let it cook for 5 minutes, drain and season with salt and cumin.

On each slice of grilled bread, spread houmous and top with carrots (making volume), add spinach shoots and coriander leaves, sprinkle with grilled sesame seeds.


Tartine of artichoke and piquillos with goat cheese and balsamique

- 2 artichokes hearts (canned, but good quality or fresh if you prefer)

- 2 piquillos (canned)

- 40g fresh goat cheese in log form (that makes two thick slices)

- balsamique vinegar

On each grilled slices of bread, spread some goat cheese. Cut piquillos in four lengthwise and cut artichokes hearts in thin slices. Put them over the goat cheese.

Sprinkle with balsamique vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

Tartine of radish and cucumber and goat cheese with kumquat

- 20g fresh goat cheese 

- 2 kumquats

- 1 small teaspoon liquid honey

- a few radishes

- a piece of cucumber

- salt

Peel cucumber.

Mix in a bowl the goat cheese (crushed with a fork), kumquats thinly sliced, and liquid honey.

Spread this paste on the grilled slices of bread.

Cut radishes in thin slices, and slice cucumber lengthwise thinly.

Put cucumber and radishes as you wish over the goat cheese mixture. Season with salt and pepper and reserve.

Tartine of rolled omelet with spinach shoots and chorizo

- chorizo, very thinly sliced 

- a few spinach shoots

- 2 eggs

- a small piece of fresh ginger, grated

- salt

Beat the egg with a fork and add grated ginger, and salt. Heat a small pan (or japanese omelet pan), add a bit of oil. Pour the beaten egg, let it cook a bit (not too much) and add some spinach shoots (not too much because otherwise you won't be able to roll it properly). Let it cook a bit more befor rolling the omelet and place it on the side of the pan.

Beat the remaining egg, season with salt and pour it in the same pan where the previous log of omelet is still siting.

Let it cook a bit, sprinkle with spinach shoots as before. Wait just a bit then roll it over the first omelet, as to make a second layer, a second skin over the first omelet.

Let it cook completely, then take off the heat.

Slice the omelet carefully so as not to break it.

On grilled slices of bread, put some chorizo slices, add some slices of omelet and reserve.

Serve the four tartines cold.

Source : the-wandering-girl.blogspot.fr