Students learn to select, check out and return books.  
            Families receive overdue notices via email and are reminded to return materials. 
will learn author's 
and how those names create a secret code to find                         books.
            They will learn listening skills as they hear stories and how to act appropriately in the library.
            We continue to teach responsibility by showing students where the library barcode is 
                located on each book and talking about returning books on time.  Each student is
                responsible for their own book, not their mother or their puppy :D

            First Graders review the information they learned last year as Kindergartners.  
            They learn how to check out their own books using the circulation computer and the laser                         wand.
            Each student can have up to 10 items checked out at one time.  The items are checked out
                for a two-week period.  The circulation system will send email notes for items that become                    overdue.
            Students will also learn more author's names and listen to stories as they are read aloud.  
            First Grade learns how to quickly and accurately log in to their computer.  We learn correct                         names for computer and software components - launch, mouse, desktop, keyboard,
                 dock, icon.  
            At the end of the year, we study some favorite authors such as Leo Lionni.

            Second Grade will apply information learned in Kindergarten and First Grade about spine
                labels and call numbers to locate books in the CEEMC.  
            Students are introduced to stories in a variety of formats including print, ebook and online.  
            We also, in winter, learn a poem and record it with the help of Sixth Grade. 
            They will be introduced 
to the online databases FreedomFlix, TrueFlix and PebbleGo.  These                     along with a number of r
esources are located on the Databases page of the Cora Eckstrom                     Elementary Media Center.
             Second Grade students will also be responsible for keeping our bookmark stations stocked 
                with bookmarks.  

            Using the foundation from the last three years, Third Grade will begin to use the catalog
                 to find a book in the online catalog 
by searching for a title, an author, keyword and a                             subject.  

              In Third Grade students learned about the concept of 'subject'.  They now explore 
the idea                      of 
tags and the Dewey Decimal System.  
             As Fourth Grade makes content and posts it on the internet, they learn about privacy and
                 ownership.  We continue to teach responsible internet use through the Digital Passport

                                             Digital Passport

                                               Rings of Responsibility video

               They will also learn how to discern the accuracy of websites and other sources of information
                       through the use of CARS and other tools:

                                               GOOGLE power search

                                               A GOOD ONLINE SOURCE

                                                Tree Octopus


                                                Dehydrated Water


            Fifth Grade students complete a survey at the beginning of the year asking what skills they 
                wish to learn.  Throughout the year, we learn the skills they asked about.
            Fifth Grade students have asked to learn search skills that will help them easily
            find books in a library.  We will begin by learning the Destiny system used in the
            CEEMC.  Then we will learn more about the GRRL system.

                Here is the link for the first training video on the Destiny system:

                                               SEARCH DESTINY

              We also begin to use the public library system.  One of the databases we need to
                 learn is MNLink.  If you have a public library card, you can use materials from all over the
                 state of Minnesota. 

                    Watch this video to find out more:


                Fifth Grade uses thinking and design skills to work on a Weebly website
.  The training
                     video is linked here.

                Fifth Grade Weebly pages are all linked on this Symbaloo page:

                                               SYMBALOO 5TH GRADE

Nikki Rajala Visits Upsala


                    After the Book Fair ends, Sixth Grade students begin a long project learning how to find and 
            use many sources to make a presentation on an aspect of Minnesota. 

                   They also have been introduced to the online databases FreedomFlix, TrueFlix and PebbleGo. 
             These along with a number of resources are located on the Databases page of the Cora Eckstrom 
             Elementary Media Center.


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