You may be eligible to become a member of MCA if you are a paid employee* of a misdemeanant probation department which provides direct services to a court of limited jurisdiction in the State of Washington. Volunteers and student interns**, or other closely allied to the misdemeanant probation are also eligible.

Membership shall be established through application and the payment of annual dues, as well as adherence to the goals, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and the Code of Ethics of the Corporation.

You can become part of an organization that provides training, opportunities for individuals from misdemeanant probation departments to network and work collaboratively together in holding our offenders accountable for their actions, while offering support to the victims.

Individual Membership Application    Word Version    PDF Version
Group Membership Forms               Word Version    PDF Version

Membership Dues
 Professional Members Associate Members
 $40 Annually$10 Annually  
 * A paid employee constitutes agency administrators, supervisors, probation officers/counselors and department support staff ** Volunteers and student interns, or others closely allied to a misdemeanant probation department
If you have 6 or more folks in your department that wish to become members of MCA, you will will want to check out this option. 

6-10 = $200.00
11+ = $375

Group Membership

 Membership dues are effective January 1st through December 31st.
If you pay your dues in January, your membership is active for 12 months.
If you pay your dues in November, your membership is active for 2 months.