Curriculum vitae


University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

PhD.  Department of Biological Sciences, August, 2010

Patterns of Diversity, Zoogeography, and Ecological Gradients in Honduran Freshwater Fishes

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

Master’s of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies, December, 2001

Completed Master’s Research Paper on The Ecology and Restoration of Mangrove Forests with an Emphasis on



Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Aquatics, November, 1998

Teaching experience

Conservation Biology course and laboratory. Fall Semester 2012

Biology 110 Lab. spring semester 2005

Population and community ecology lab. fall semester 2010

Since 2005 I have been involve in teaching and training Honduran technicians and

undergraduate students in field techniques in freshwater fish ecology and data management.        

Employment History

The University of Southern Mississippi, Department of Biological Sciences.  Adjunct Faculty & Post Docotoral Fellow, August, 2012 to Present.

In this position I am lecturing regular semester courses with their labs.  I am also working as a post-doctoral fellow under the advising of Dr. Jacob Schaefer in the freshwater fish evolutionary ecology lab.


Division of Fishes, Museum of Natural Science , Louisiana State University

Post-Doctoral Fellow, September, 2010- September, 2012

In this position I was investigating the molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of New World Poeciliioid and cichlid fishes.  This position requires of extensive field sampling in Central America and Mexico.  Part of my duties in this position has been to advice a number of undergraduate students that are participating in this project.


Collection Manager of collection of fishes, University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Ichthyology. January, 2008 – August, 2010

Archiving and maintenance of fishes collection.


Benthic Ecology Laboratory, College of Coastal Sciences, The Univ. of Southern Mississippi

Technician, January, 2003 – January, 2004

Maintenance of the laboratory research database

Identification of benthic macroinvertebrates

Processing of samples, picking, sieving, and determining of biovolumes

Data entry

Field sampling (fishes and macroinvertebrates) in coastal and marine environments along the coast of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Monitoring of fishes, macroinvertebrates and a battery of water quality parameters.


Lake Okeechobee Division, South Florida Water Management District, FL

Senior Scientist Associate, june, 2002 – December, 2003

Provided support to Senior Scientists in all aspects of research (e.g., collection, preparation, data entry, etc.)

Conducted phytoplankton, zooplankton, periphyton, and macroinvertebrate sampling

Conducted aquatic vegetation monitoring and sampling

Prepared samples for analysis

 Performed laboratory analyses of collected samples

Conducted water quality analyses

Performed routine laboratory maintenance

Designed research projects

Wrote manuscripts for publication

Analyzed data for existing research projects

Operated power- and airboats

Ecostudies Institute, FL

Technician, March, 2002 – May, 2002

Conducted nest searching and monitoring for Eastern Bluebird and Brown-headed Nuthatch reintroduction project into Everglades National Park

Integrated Lakes Management, Gurnee, IL

Pond Technician, May, 2000 – January, 2002

Monitored lagoons and ponds for water quality in the Chicago area

Conducted algae removal to maintain lagoons and ponds

Conducted restoration of native prairie, savannah and wetland species including removal of invasive species and planting of native species

Managed a crew of 2 to 6 people

Spring Brook Nature Center, Itasca, IL

Raptor Rehabilitation Intern, January, 2000 – May, 2000

Performed raptor rehabilitation including daily maintenance of permanent and temporary raptor residents

Conducted environmental education programs


Instituto Nacional De Ambiente Y Desarrollo (INADES), Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Biologist / Contractor, January, 1999 – March, 1999

Completed vegetation inventory for remnant primary forest in the Guajiquiro Biological Reserve in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras for the purpose of ecological restoration

Determined density, relative density, species dominance, and Diversity Index value for the area


Cayos Cochinos Biological Reserve, Cayos Cochinos, Atlantida, Honduras (Volunteer)

Marine Turtle Conservation Program Intern, September, 1998 – November, 1998

Tracked Hawk Bill turtles in order to locate nests and remove eggs for incubation

Performed daily care of newborn turtles

 Monitored climatic parameters of nest locations to determine whether a direct relationship exists between humidity and number of live-hatched turtles

Worked as a technician for a PhD student monitoring some life history traits of sea cucumbers in the area of Cayos Cochinos

Published Papers, Presentations  and Technical Reports

Published papers

Matamoros, W. A., B. Kreiser and J. Schaefer. 2012. A delineation of Nuclear Middle America biogeographical provinces based on river basin faunistic similarities. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 22: 351-365.

Alldredge Patsy, M. Gutierrez, D. Duvernell, J. Schaefer, P. Brunkow, W. A. Matamoros. 2011. Variability in movement dynamics of Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceus populations. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 20: 513-521.

Matamoros, W. A., and J. Schaefer.  2010. A new species of Profundulus (Cyprinodontiformes: Profundulidae) from the Honduran central highlands. Journal of Fish Biology. 76: 1498-1507.

Portillo, H. O., W. A. Matamoros, and S. L. Glowinski Matamoros. 2010.  Distribution and conservation status of the Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) in Honduras. Southwestern Naturalist.  55: 119-121.

Matamoros, W. A., J. Schaefer and B. Kreiser. 2009. Annotated systematic checklist of the continental and island fishes that occur in Honduran freshwaters. Zootaxa. 2307: 1-38

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 Matamoros, W. A., J. F. Schaefer, P. Mickle, W. Arthurs, J. Ikoma, and R. Ragsdale. 2009. First Record of Agonostomus monticola (Family: Mugilidae) in Mississippi freshwaters with notes of its distribution in the Southern USA.  Southeastern Naturalist. 8: 175-178.

Jaime García-Moreno , Amy Upgren , Jorge Iván Restrepo , Wilfredo Matamoros , Alfredo D. Cuarón , Topiltzin Contreras-MacBeath , Nora López , John Lamoreux , Meghan McKnight , Antonio Muñoz , Paul Walker, Josiah Townsend , Carlos Vásquez-Almazán , Claudia Macías , Oliver Komar , Jim Barborak , Ruth Jiménez y Jaime R. Bonilla-Barbosa.  2008.  Los sitios mas críticos para evitar extinciones de especies globalmente amenazadas: la importancia de su identificación y de recabar información del el campo. Mesoamericana 11: 59-63.

Matamoros, W. A., J. Palmer and J. Merida.  2007.  First record in Honduras of the Halfbeak Hyporhampnus roberti hildebrandi Jordan and Evermann 1927, (Hemiramphidae) collected in an inland reservoir.  Gulf and Caribbean Research 19:1-4.

Schaefer, J.F., Mickle, P., Spaeth, J., Zuber, B., Matamoros, W., Adams, S., Kreiser, B., Vigueira, P. 2006. Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the fish fauna of the Pascagoula drainage. Proceedings of the Mississippi Water Resources Board 36:62-68.

Matamoros, W. A., K. D. Chin, and B. Sharfstein. 2005. First report of the Mayan Cichlid, Cichlasoma urophthalmus (Günther 1862) collected in the southern littoral zone of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. Gulf and Caribbean Research 17:113-115.

Pelaez-Rodríguez, E., J. Franco-López, W. A. Matamoros, R. Chavez- López, and N. J. Brown-Peterson. 2005. Trophic relationships of demersal fishes in the shrimping zone off Alvarado Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico. Gulf and Caribbean Research 17:157-167.

Manuscripts In Preparation Or Under Review

Matamoros W.A., J. Schaefer, P. Ckakrabarty, and  C. Hernández.  ­­Profundulus kreiseri, a new species of Profundulidae (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes) from northwestern Honduras. In review: ZOOKEYS.

Matamoros W. A., P. Chakrabarty, A. Angulo-Sibaja, C.A. Garita-Alvarado, and C.D. McMahan. A new species of Roeboides (Teleostei: Characidae) from Costa Rica and Panama, with a key to all Middle American species. In review: Neotropical Ichthyology.

Caleb D. McMahan, W. A. Matamoros, Francisco S. Alvarez Calderon, Wendy Henriquez, H. Michelle Recinos, Enrique Barraza, & Nestor Herrera. Checklist of the Inland Fishes of El Salvador.  In review: ZOOTAXA.

Bohn Sandra, Enrique Barraza, Caleb McMaham, Wilfredo A. Matamoros & Brian Kreiser.  Cross amplification of microsatellite loci developed for alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) in tropical gar (Atractosteus tropicus).  In review: Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad.

Matamoros Wilfredo A., Caleb D. McMaham, Prosanta Chakrabarty and James S. Albert.  Historical Biogeography of Central American Freshwater Fishes. In preparation.

James C. Cureton II., W. A. Matamoros, J. Schaefer and R. Deaton.  Mating and Foraging Behaviors of Two Sympatric Livebearing Fishes in the Cangrejal River, Honduras. In review.

Matamoros, W. A., B. Kreiser and J. Schaefer.  Body shape and the molecular systematics of the neotropical family Profundulidae as inferred by geometric-morphometrics and Mt DNA (Cyt b) sequences.  In preparation.

Presentations and Posters

Matamoros W. A., M. Davis, C. McMahan and P. Chakrabarty. 2011. Estimating Divergence Times, Diversification Patterns and Historical Biogeography of the New World Subfamily Poeciliinae (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae).  American Society of Ichthyologist and Herpetologist 2011 meeting.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Matamoros, W. A., J. Schaefer, and B. Kreiser.  2009.  The establishment of the Honduran ichthyographical provinces using multivariate analysis.  AGEM Winter Scholar  Symposium, Jackson State University. Jackson, Mississippi.

Matamoros, W. A., J. Schaefer, and B. Kreiser.  2008.  El uso de análisis multivariados en el establecimiento de las provincias ictiograficas de Honduras.  Congreso de la Sociedad Mesoamericano Para la Biologia y la Conservacion, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Matamoros, W. A., J. Schaefer, and B. Kreiser.  2008.  The establishment of the Honduran ichthyographical provinces using multivariate analysis.  55th Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Association of Naturalists. Memphis, Tennessee.

Matamoros, W. A. 2005. Monitoreo ecológico en el río Cangrejal, importancia, retos y más. Ponencia oral dada en el Seminario Taller II: Programa de Circuit Rider en Centro América. Protección de Fuentes de Agua/ Manejo de Cuencas Hidrográficas y Desinfectación de Agua: Enfoque Comunitario.  24-26 de Octubre, 2005. La Ceiba, Honduras.

Matamoros, W. A. 2005. Resultados preliminares: Análisis de distribución de las comunidades icticas del Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, Atlántida, Honduras.  Ponencia oral dada en el Simposio: Inventarios de Biodiversidad MIRA/ USAID en el IX congreso de la Sociedad Mesoamericana para la Biología y la Conservación, 22 de Noviembre del 2005.  La Ceiba, Honduras.

Grimshaw, H. J., W. A. Matamoros, and B. Sharfstein. 2004. Seed germination in wild celery, Vallisneria Americana Michx. From Lake Okeechobee, Florida U.S.A.: Preliminary Experimental Results. Pages 1-8 in H. H. Harper and S. H. Darling, eds. 15th Annual North American Lake Management Society Southeastern Lakes Management: A Tale of Many Waters:Florida's Limnic Resources. Florida Lakes Management Society, Tampa, Florida.  USA.

Rodusky, A. J., B. Sharfstein, T. L. East, R. P. Maki, and W. A. Matamoros. 2003. A comparison of three different methods to collect submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) biomass in a shallow lake. Pages 4B-4 in H. H. Harper and S. H. Darling, eds. 12th Annual North American Lake Management Society Southeastern Lakes Management: Integrating Science and Technology Into Successful Lake Management. Florida Lake Management Society, Orlando, Florida.  USA.

Technical Reports

Matamoros, W. A. 2006.  Reporte Final, Análisis de las comunidades de peces dulceacuicolas de la zona de la línea costera norte-central de Honduras.  Reporte presentado a USAID/MIRA Proyecto Honduras. Enero del 2006. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Matamoros, W. A. and Merida, J. 2005. Progreso del Estudio Piloto: La fauna ictica de la cuenca hidrográfica del río Choluteca su composición y distribución. Reporte presentado a USAID/MIRA proyecto Honduras. Octubre del 2005. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


CCAD-PROMEBIO. 2011. Awarded 65,000.00 US. $. To conduct freshwater fish surveys in the Honduran Platano, Goascorán and Negro Rivers.

CCAD-PROMEBIO. 2011. Awarded 25,000.00 US $. To supervise freshwater surveys performed by different consultants in rivers of Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

CCAD-PROMEBIO. 2010. Awarded 30,000.00 US $. To develop protocols to survey freshwater fishes in Central America Rivers.

Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF). 2007-2008. Awarded 38,533 US. $. Project title: Biogeographical patterns of northern Mesoamerican (Honduras) freshwater fishes: looking for ‘hotspots” and zones of endemism.

The University of Southern Mississippi Alliance for Graduate Education in Mississippi (AGEM). 2007. 10,000 US $

Awarded to cover for stipend, domestic and international traveling.

WWF Russell E Training Education for Nature Award. 2007. 8,000.00 US $ Awarded to conduct research in Honduran freshwater fishes.

WWF Russell E Training Education for Nature Award. 2006. 17,000.00 US. $Awarded to conduct research in Honduran freshwater fishes.

Northeastern Illinois University Foundation.  Dr. Bernard J. Brommel Doctoral Scholarship. 2006.  5,000 US. $ awarded to conduct research in Honduran freshwater fishes.

United States Agency for International Development /Project MIRA Honduras (USAID/MIRA Honduras).  2005.  $12,000.00 US Awarded to conduct research on the freshwater fishes of Honduras Caribbean coast natural areas.



2009.  University of Southern Mississippi. Innovation Graduate Award.

2009.  Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN).  Student travel award. 


2009.  Alliance for Graduate Education in Mississippi (AGEM).  1st place for oral presentations in the category of Biology and Environmental Sciences at the 2009 AGEM Winter Scholar Symposium.


2007.  Alliance for Graduate Education in Mississippi (AGEM).  3rd place for oral presentations in the category of Biology and Environmental Sciences at the 2009 AGEM Winter Scholar Symposium.

Memberships in Professional Organizations

Mesoamerican Society for the Biology and Conservation (MSBC).  Member since 2005

International Biogeography Society (IBS).  Member since 2007

American Society of Ichthyologist and Herpetologist (ASIH).  Member since 2007.

Southwestern Association of Naturalist (SWAN).  Member since 2008