Welcome to Aikido Kokikai of Walworth

Kokikai Philosophy

By striving to attain the most correct state of being, we can unleash our peak human potential. Our reflexes become quicker. We gain the calmness of mind necessary to avoid being upset by sudden changes. We can clearly perceive an attacker’s intentions. We feel more confident and competent in our professional and personal interactions. We feel safer as our self-defense movements become more effective. We perform better in all endeavors. And once we have seen the benefits of the correct state of being, we come to recognize when we are drifting off course so that we can make adjustments to maintain this desired state.

The Kokikai School of Aikido features a logical training system with concrete goals that will lead to a mastery of self-defense and the development of each individual’s full potential power. This correct state of being will become constant and dependable through rigorous training. The Kokikai Training Method will lead students to deeper self-discovery. The result will ultimately be the betterment of ourselves, our society, and the whole world. Please join us in realizing your full potential through Kokikai Aikido.