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Well its Spring Time again.  I have not posted anything since the November Zephyrhills, FL show.  Its been a cold wet winter here in Georgia so I put away my camera and parked my car in the garage. Then on March 21st the weather became nice so wondered out to the Loganville Cruise In at Sonic. There was a great turn out and a lot of good conversation. So its time again! I got my car out of the garage and bought some new batteries for the camera. Time to get rid of my 2012 pics, archive my 2013 pics and start with 2014. Weather permitting, I plan to head out for the Lawrenceville South East Wheels event on March 29th so I hope to see you there!

This site is dedicated to providing pictures, information, and reviews on Car shows that are mainly in the Atlanta GA area.  This site is set up for the any auto enthusiast who likes classic cars, hot rods, everyday drivers, rat rods, motorcycles, or any kind of auto memorabilia.  I have been attending car shows, cruise ins, auto auctions, going to auto museums and tinkering with automobiles for over 30 years.  My father has had several restoration projects over a much longer time period. I have just recently started entering my restored 96 firebird (everyday driver) into some of these shows for about 2 years.  I have accumulated several pictures that I took and have posted them to this site. 

This summer has been a hectic schedule, and now fall brings many more shows.  Pictorial updates will be posted as soon as I can after a show. There is nothing like spending a day out visiting with friends and other car enthusiasts.  There is always good food at these shows too.  I have separate pages to the left for each show.  To find your car or to see a show you missed just click that show and browse through.

If you want to know about upcoming shows in the Southeast or want to see which shows I will attend and do a pictorial on then go to my homepage at "South East Wheels" and see what car show events are coming in the southeast area at: 

I have several shows lined up between October and December so there are lots of chances pictures to go yet.

One of the things I learned is the car you do not have to own an expensive car to attend car shows or cruise ins. With a little wax, Armor All, spray on rug and upholstery cleaner and some elbow grease you can fix up your everyday driver and join in on most shows. People just like to look at cars that have been well cared for. If they go to a dealership they will get accosted by a salesman and if they walk around and look at cars in the grocery store parking lot, people tend to think you a thief and call the police! Going to a car show allows you to walk around, look at cars and talk to their owners. Almost all car shows are free for the spectators. The shows raise money by charging the car owners to participate in the judging and by the food and raffle tickets they sell. There are some car shows that do not even charge the car owners to participate in the judging. Almost all shows will let you come and show a car for free but your car will not be judged. The fee they charge the owners usually pay for a professional judge and the trophies for the winner and some of the logistics like renting porta-potties and renting a table and awning for the judges stand. So if you have a 2009 Toyota Corolla or Kia Rio, clean it up shine it up, hang some fuzzy dice on your rear view mirror and bring it out. You would be surprised how many people will check it out and talk to you about your car. 

I would love to hear your story about your car. Please feel free email me car your story and send me your car pictures and I may just post it on this account. Email me at:





















































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