AUGUST 2017 - Powers Ferry STEM Night
Last night’s volunteers did an awesome job. Our evening was a huge success and we owe so much of that to you for rallying those wonderful volunteers. Again, I was so impressed with how engaged and responsible those teenagers were!!

Thank you!

Kathy Culbertson  ~  Media Specialist  ~ Powers Ferry Elementary


Thank you all for your years of commitment to WCO.  Good luck in your new adventures!"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Wake Forest




University of Pennsylvania


University of Georgia


University of North Carolina


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April 2017 - Project Mail Call (Email Responses to Packages and Letters)

I received care packages today and inside was a letter from Alex. Thank you for writing to us and thank your grandfather for his selfless sacrifice and service to our country. Your letter and the feelings you expressed truly mean a lot to us. I hope that you are doing well in school and that you follow your dreams no matter what gets in the way. Thank you so much for being apart of the package and bringing joy to the Marines and me out here in Norway.  The package came with so many great items that the Marines were fighting over what they wanted.  haha. This really boosted our spirits and means a lot to us. Deployments can be tough but we feel so much better when kind people, like yourselves, think of us.  Thank you for all the prayers and support. I wish you nothing but success at what ever you do. --- Sincerely, Danny and the Marines from V12 Law Enforcement Detachment - Norway

Dear Ava,  Thanks you very much for the care package and letter it really made my day. The items are going to be very useful.
Well like you, I like talking too. I like to ride horse, garden, cook, cross stich, camping, I love going to the MN Renaissance festival. Here I color, watch movies on my computer, cross stich and spend time with soldier here. There a lot of NATO Soldiers so it is fun to learn all about them.
Your Thanks you means a lot, its hard being away from family and friends. --- Thanks, Kim SFC, PBO - Task Force WagonMaster - Bagram, Afghanistan

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful care package! Im sure many people put time and effort and it is much appreciated.  Just to give you some insight of who/what you supported...We are a deployed  medical facility with approx. 20 members ranging from medics, to doc, to supply and systems administrators.  The majority of us are Airforce but we do have a few army brothers and sisters that work with us as well.  We thank you again for all the support you have shown!!!!  --- SSgt Lacie L.

March 2017 - Project Mail Call

20170322-DSC07532On March 22, volunteers from the Walton High School Community Outreach Club packed 18 care-boxes weighing a total of 278 pounds for U.S. military units in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Romania, South Korea, The Philippines and the USS Bataan (USS-LHD-8).

The boxes will be mailed to 9 military units supporting 219 Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers. This was the 9th time Walton Community Outreach Club has packed with Project Mail Call. Every box was customized with items each military unit specifically asked for. During their packing session Project Mail Call passed the milestone of 120,000 pounds of merchandise (60 tons) that have been mailed to military personnel serving in Harm’s Way.

We thank WCO financing their mailing expenses, and the razors and drink mixes they donated for the military, and for the wonderful letters of encouragement they brought from Walton High School students.  --- Mary and Ed Ettel

March 2017 - Powers Ferry STEM Night

I am so impressed and thankful for the turn out. We had 17 student volunteers and they were workers!!! I am amazed at their work ethic and willingness to help. Our evening was a huge success. They did such a good job at each station. I know they made all of the difference. 

Thank YOU so much for making it happen. I am thrilled with all that I saw transpire between your volunteers and our students/families.

---Kathy Culbertson, Media Center Specialist - Powers Ferry Elementary

March 2017 - Powers Ferry International Night
I want to thank you for sending those lovely students to help Powers Ferry  at International night. They did a marvelous job! They were diligent, responsible and well mannered. I hope they had a little fun!  Again, thank you for working with Powers Ferry Elementary and I’m looking forward having them  next year!
--- Cristina Clinton , Parent Facilitator - Powers Ferry Elementary
March 2016 - Project Mail Call

Thank you20160317-DSC06071, Walton High School Community Outreach Club, for coming today to pack care-boxes for the U.S. Military! You packed 13 care-boxes weighing a total of 211 pounds supporting 153 Marines, Sailors and soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Niger and the Marine Amphibious Ready Group embarked on the USS Boxer (LHD-4).

This was the 8th time your club has packed and this was the 353rd Project Mail Call packing session conducted over the past 10 years. Your enthusiastic and efficient effort increased the mission totals to 7,146 care-boxes and 110,833 pounds of merchandise mailed to U.S. military service personnel serving in harms way. 
We thank you for covering the mailing expenses, and for the razors you donated for the military. In addition, your inspiring letters will increase the morale of the troops. 

Mary and Ed Ettel ---


March 2013 - Project Mail Call

Thank you Walton High School Community Outreach Club and Patriotic Club for attending the March 2 care-box packing session for the US Military. Your 21 care-boxes weighed a total of 265 pounds, and were mailed to Afghanistan and South Korea. 

The boxes were mailed to 21 military units supporting 410 Airmen, Marines, sailors and soldiers. Every one of your boxes is unique because, as you know, Project Mail Call packs items the military unit is specifically asking for, and in the case of this packing session, unusual items included shower curtains, BBQ sauce, ketchup, special aftershave and plastic bowls.

Your packing session was the 11th conducted so far in 2013, and the 238th packing session conducted over the past 7 years. As of today, Project Mail Call has packed 4,862 boxes weighing 76,646 pounds, which supported over 122,482 military personnel in 37 countries and many ships at sea. 

You can check the Project Mail Call website for more information about your packing session:

You were also featured in Project Mail Call's Facebook Group, so if you want to view your entry or join the group, click on the following link:

Mary and Ed Ettel


February 2013 - Monday in the Commons - Project for CCSD

Thank you so much for the help with labeling the books for the homeless shelter.  The students were wonderful and got through the work so much faster than I imagined.  Their help saved me hours and hours of work.  --- Dayna Parker - Cobb County School District - Homeless Liaison

October 2012 - Cooking Crew - Luncheon for Powers Ferry Staff
I wanted to send you a message to let you know that the luncheon prepared for our staff yesterday was absolutely AMAZING!!! The food was delicious and it was a very much appreciated treat during a busy week of conferences.  I appreciate all the time and effort Walton Community Outreach dedicated to preparing, delivering and cleaning up the luncheon items.  Our Mexican Fiesta was wonderful and I can not thank you enough for the special lunch and the goodie bags!  The entire Community Outreach team is a fabulous group.  I have been gathering  thank you notes written by our staff members.  I will  be sending them to Walton through the county mail in an envelope addressed to Walton PTSA Community Outreach. Thank you again for being so generous!  --- 
Aimee L. Pierre, School Counselor, Powers Ferry Elementary

 May 2011 - Brumby Teacher Appreciation

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Brumby Teacher Appreciation Luncheon a huge success for those very deserving teachers!! 
 ...  thank you goes to the WHS Community Outreach who assembled 140 Goody Bags for all the Brumby staff. You were such a huge help and the Brumby staff loved them!!  --- Sheila M., WHS PTSA Community Hospitality
February 2011 - Project Mail Call

Thank you, Walton Community Outreach, for packing boxes yesterday for the US military serving in harm's way. You really did a great job packing 13 boxes that weighed a total of 176 pounds. The merchandise and letters will increase the morale of 272 military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are honored that you chose Project Mail to be part of your Outreach Program. We also appreciate your contribution for your mailing costs. As of your packing yesterday, Project Mail Call has packed 3,254 boxes weighing 50,999 pounds, which supported over 89,713 military personnel in 23 countries.

This was the 147th Project Mail Call packing session.


Ed Ettel

FEBRUARY 2011 - Powers Ferry Science Night

Everything went great at Science Night.  Thanks for your efforts in getting volunteers!  

Here is what Dr. Anderson, the Powers Ferry teacher in charge, had to say:

the volunteers were a really nice group of kids and very willing to help out. 

Hooray!  I hope everyone had fun! ~ Mrs. Hellman, Powers Ferry Volunteer Coordinator




DECEMBER 2010 - Powers Ferry International Night


Many thanks to all the Walton students who came to help out.  As usual, I have had many compliments (in addition to the ones noted by Ms. Gates below) about how wonderful they were! ~ Julie Hellman, Powers Ferry Volunteer Coordinator


We have had numerous compliments from the staff regarding the high schoolers ... teachers asked to specifically thank their room volunteers for such an outstanding job.Jennifer Gates, Powers Ferry Teacher


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much our faculty enjoyed the chili lunch that was prepared by Walton Community Outreach.  Our staff members were absolutely thrilled to have a nice warm bowl of chili, salad, and delicious brownies to enjoy on the first day of conference week. I have had many people stop me to let me know just how much they enjoyed every bite. 


I just wanted to let you know that we appreciated everything very much! I know that it takes a lot of hard work and organization.


Thanks again,   

Aimee Pierre - School Counselor - Powers Ferry Elementary


OCTOBER 2010 - Red Ribbon Week Decorations at Powers Ferry

They did such a nice job yesterday! Everything looks very festive!! Thanks a ton!!


Kristin C. Moffett
School Counselor
Powers Ferry Elementary School


Thank you for helping out with Science Night!  As always, the Walton students were friendly, helpful, and competent.  I hope everyone had a good time, because I know that the Powers Ferry families definitely did!

Thanks so much for your help--- Mrs. Hellman, Powers Ferry Volunteer Coordinator




The students were so much help! Thank you for sending them, and please thank them for me for all of their hard work! 

Thank you, 

Amy Moss

Kindergarten Teacher

Brumby Elementary



February 2010 – PROJECT MAIL CALL


Thank you for packing boxes for Project Mail Call this afternoon. While many people were warming up to a night of Super Bowl activities, you volunteered to pack care boxes for the U.S. military serving in harm's way. You packed 125 pounds of snacks, food staples, toiletries, sheets, blankets and sports equipment for 6 soldier units in Afghanistan and Iraq. Besides school supplies and toys, you also packed a large 24-pound box of beanie babies for an Army unit supporting Afghan children. 


Thank you for your expert packing and for your donation that exceeded the mailing costs. We also thank you for the hundreds of packets of batteries you packaged by hand, and the professional letters you wrote for each packet. This was your group's second time to package batteries and your second time to pack boxes, and we really appreciate your support.


Your session brought the total pounds packed in 112 packing sessions over the past 4 years to 40,497 pounds; over 20 tons. Volunteers of Project Mail Call have now packed and mailed 2,558 boxes to our military in 18 countries. The custom-packed boxes were mailed to 2,103 military units representing 71,215 military personnel in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Columbia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, The Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Over the past four years, 2,330 volunteers have packed boxes, and 6,751 people have written letters that were included in the boxes. 


You can check the following website for a description of your packing session:


Mary and Ed Ettel




Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 10:40:46 +0100
Dear Sarah and Sneha,
First off I want to thank you for your support and generosity. I can't imagine what it is like to just blindly send out packages to some guys in the middle of nowhere and hope that they get it. I try to make a point to get an email out to everybody that supports us. I also offer to keep in touch with info and updates on the guys you are supporting. Its the least I can do to show you guys we are thankful for you guys back home. We have internet because we all pitched in and bought this dish so we could have a way of talking to our friends and family. Our COP (Combat Outpost) doesn't have things like phones or internet or laundry. We did have showers but the last cold snap froze the tanks. When we got them thawed out we found the pipes and pumps had all busted so it has been a few weeks since we had our last shower. The good news is yesterday we finally got the pipes fixed and now we don't smell as bad. You know its the little things in life that matter like taking a shower.

Well I guess I should tell you a little about us. We are 3rd Platoon Charlie Company 1st battalion 503rd Infantry of the famed 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade based out of Vicenza. I know that seems like alot of Army info but what it breaks down to is we are a Platoon of about 40 guys and I am their Platoon Sergeant and the oldest of the group so they call me dad. We are all paratroopers so we are a little messed up in the head. Willingly jumping out of airplanes takes a special kind of person. We are based out of Vicenza, Italy but most of us just call it the place where we keep our stuff as we never seem to be there long enough to enjoy it. We are here on a year long deployment to Afghanistan. We operate out of small outposts in the mountains so you can imagine that we get a little tired and beat up out here.
I am more than happy to keep in contact as it is always nice to hear from our countrymen and women back in the states. It is a nice distraction from the things over here.




Thank you so much.  We received the craft kits yesterday afternoon and they have already been distributed to the Kindergarten and first grade students.


We appreciate all you do for our kids.  It will make this day a little more special.


Thanks again,

Audra H. L. Lantrip, Ed.S

Kindergarten Teacher

Brumby Elementary School


"A child may forget what you teach him, but he will never forget how you treat him."




Hello WCO,


I just wanted to let you know that our staff members truly enjoyed the lunch that you prepared for us today!! I have heard rave reviews about the chicken salad and the soup and I just wanted to let you know that everything that was prepared was absolutely fabulous!!!  Thanks again for everything you have done to make our faculty feel appreciated!


Aimee L. Pierre

School Counselor

Powers Ferry Elementary


"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."~Marian Wright Edelman



November 2009 – Powers Ferry International Night


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send a big thank you to all our wonderful International Night volunteers!  By all accounts, the evening was a great success, and the volunteers were a huge part of that success.  All your willing, helpful hands made a difference in many ways.  Thank you for giving of your time to be a part of this special evening at Powers Ferry.


Julie Hellman

Powers Ferry Volunteer Coordinator





October 2009 – SOPE CREEK EVENT – Our students volunteered as individuals.


I just wanted to thank you for posting this volunteer opportunity with Walton PTSA Community Outreach.  We had about 20 students contact us about volunteering.  They did a wonderful job!  I was especially impressed by the way they made sure that the elementary school kids stayed safe -- we even had a couple of Walton students climb onto/into the inflatables to keep everything in order.  Even the owner of Jump & Slide, the company that provided the inflatables and carnival games, mentioned to me what a good job the Walton volunteers did!


Thanks again, and we will contact you for Octoberfest 2010!

Sope Creek Elementary School PTA







Many, many thanks to you and all the Walton CO members for helping out at the Costume Ball yesterday.  Powers Ferry could never put on an event of that magnitude without the help of all the high school volunteers.  As always, the Walton CO students were reliable, enthusiastic, and helpful.  You were a wonderful supervisor, making sure that all the little details were taken care of and seeing that everything ran smoothly.  I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves, because the Powers Ferry families certainly did!


Mrs. Hellman

Powers Ferry Volunteer Coordinator 




Subject: Thank you! (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 15:59:23 +0300
Dear Friends,
Thank you for your support of the Soldiers of Alpha Company, 72d Signal
Battalion. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated and we will
ensure that the goodies are distributed to our Soldiers across Iraq and
in the most remote locations. Mail is a huge morale boost for the
troops and always brings a smile!
The Alpha Company Renegades from 72d Signal Battalion are deployed from
our home station in Mannheim Germany in support of Operation Iraqi
 Freedom. Headquartered in Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, our mission is
to provide tactical and strategic voice and data communications to the
warfighter across the theatre of operations. Our ranks are filled with
120 of the finest Soldiers in the Army and we have teams on 14 remote
The holidays will be special thanks to the thoughtfulness and efforts of
great folks like you. Your generosity and patriotism are greatly
appreciated and make us proud to serve this great country. May God
bless you and yours this holiday and all the best in the New Year!
CPT Gunther
CDR, A/72d ESB
COB Speicher

Once a Renegade, Always a Renegade!


Subject: Thank you
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 13:46:24 +0430

Good Morning all,
I wanted to thank you for all the items that you sent to us here in
Afghanistan. I see you all are from Marietta, Ga. I was stationed at FT
Benning, GA prior to my deployment and I will return their in Nov when I
come home. I also want to thank you for your prayers, I believe prayer
is the most important thing anyone can do for us here. I have enclosed a
few pictures. God Bless
1SG Smith, Richard
"Big Tank"

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 20:35:27 +0300

Dear Blake and Lena,


I want to start off by saying how grateful we are for you sending the care package. Thank you so much. We loved what you sent, it is perfect for us.

As you know we work at a helicopter squadron. The squadron is broken down into shops. We work out of the Tool Room shop. Here in tool room it’s broken down even more to the type of job we do. I and Juan Aguayo are GSE mechanics. GSE stands for ground support equipment. We deal with all the equipment used to support the aircraft. We are pretty much diesel engine mechanics and a little more. Eddie Ortiz’s job is IMRL. He takes care of all the test equipment that they use to test and troubleshoot the helicopter. William Elka and our newest Marine here Steven Wilcox are in charge of all the tools that are needed to fix the aircraft. We all one way or another work with each other to make sure all of the helicopter maintainers have what they need to fix and troubleshoot the CH-53E helicopter. From us the maintainers work on the aircraft and the officers fly the aircraft for the many missions our squadron is tasked. I hope it’s a little clearer on what we do out here.


Again thanks for everything you do. God Bless you and your Family.





      SGT Coronado and Co.








Walton PTSA Community Outreach Club Packing Session March 22, 2009


Thank you for packing boxes yesterday for the U.S. military serving overseas. 


You did a great job packing what the military units were asking for. You packed 13 boxes, weighing a total of 159 pounds. The boxes are now on their way to the 13 military units, which contain 541 soldiers, Marines and airmen based in Afghanistan, Iraq and Qatar.


As of today, volunteers of Project Mail Call have packed and mailed 1,940 boxes weighing 30,518 pounds. The boxes were mailed to 1,488 military units representing 52,369 military personnel in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Columbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, The Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past three years, 1,672 volunteers have packed boxes, and 3,704 people have written letters. 


Thank you again for showing your love and support to the U.S. military by participating in this event.   

A brief description of the packing session and photos have been posted on the mission website:

Mary and Ed Ettel


"Like cold water to a weary soul, is good news from a distant land." Proverbs 25:25





FEBRUARY 2009 - Brumby Chili Cook-Off
Thank you so much for your help on our Chili Cook off night.  It is nice to know that a helping hand is around the corner.  ~ Audra Lantrip, Brumby Teacher