We specialize in handcrafted Pennsylvania Cherry treenware (an old term meaning small wooden items for the home).

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Stirring Spatulas for all your stovetop cooking Straight-bottomed stirring spatulas are preferred for stovetop cooking because they fit against the flat bottom of pans and skillets (whereas the rounded shape of spoons is for mixing things in bowls).  Our spatulas scrape the bottom of the pan, resulting in better mixing and reduced scorching. 

  We make these one at a time from beautiful Pennsylvania Cherry in a variety of sizes.  They are good for all kinds of cookware, including those with teflon types of coatings.  Available plain or sometimes with handcarved folkart on the handles.

          People sometimes ask us if we make spoons too.  No, we only make the stovetop stirring spatulas because we just have a small workshop and these keep us plenty busy!  

Spreaders - small in size; good for spreading butters, jams or soft cheeses and for frosting cookies.  The shapes were taken from our grandmother's old silver butter knives.

Oven Rack Pulls - a fanciful tool for the cook who has everything or for someone who has difficulty reaching an oven rack to pull it out or push it in. 

    Available through the Ephrata Cloister Museum gift shop, these are decorated with intricately handcarved, original folkart designs that reflect a love of nature, faith and our Pennsylvania heritage.

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Spatulas and spreaders are finished with mineral oil then hand rubbed with a beeswax-orange oil finish that is imported from London, England and made especially for kitchenware.  Oven rack pulls are finished with tung oil.  


Offering a fresh interpretation of traditional Pennsylvania woodcraft.  


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