Do you have genuine "health care insurance"
or do you actually have nothing more than

Do you have genuine health care insurance or
do you actually only have "Sick Care Insurance"???
(i.e. Does your insurance pay while you're healthy or only if you become sick or injured?

And if you actually only have "Sick Care Insurance",
then what is genuine health care insurance???
And what about the term "health care"? 
Isn't it, for the most part, actually only "sick care"???

Further, and of definite importance, does it matter what they're called or have the terms "health insurance" and "health care" lulled you into a false sense of security and affected how much personal responsibility you think about taking for your own health so that you might minimize the need for "sick insurance" and "sick care" ?)

"Learn to preserve your own health" - Leonardo Da Vinci

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