In early 2008, a woman I knew who was in her late 60's had a cold. I told her about the Magic Juice Combo and she said that she would try it. About two weeks later, I talked to her on the phone and asked how she was doing. She told me the Magic Juice Combo was not working for her, and that she was going to have to get some medication to take care of her cold because it was getting worse.

        I asked her how much juice she was drinking and she was drinking enough that, based on the past experiences of everyone else I had told about the Magic Juice Combo, she should've been over her cold. I didn't want to make an awkward situation by pressing her on more details so I just let it ride. She apparently took some medication and got over her cold.

          I saw her later and was able to learn that instead of the 100% juice I had told her about using, she had ended up using the Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice DRINK instead. I again discussed with her the importance of only using the 100% juice, and also asked her if she knew of anyone who had arthritis. She said that she did, as well as a few friends of hers. I described the experiences of those who had arthritis that I had previously encouraged to give the Magic Juice Combo a try. Namely, that after about two weeks they had noticed a marked improvement in their arthritic pain, and that after about 5 weeks of drinking the juice on a daily basis, their arthritis was simply a thing of the past. Those whose fingers had been distorted or had arthritic lumps on them were simply free of the lumps and distortions and their hands looked like normal.

          Well, she got the 100% juice, and after a little more than 5 weeks had passed, she proudly showed me how her hands no longer had that crippled look and the arthritic lumps were almost all gone.

         So let the above experience be a lesson well-learned. Make sure that you only use 100% juice. Do not use any "drink", and especially stay away from any juice that has had sugar or any other sweetener added. Keep it simple, only use 100% juice.


Request for research assistance

If you or someone you might know has access to chemical analysis equipment, I would certainly appreciate being able to find out what happens when orange and ruby red grapefruit juices are mixed half and half. Download a suggested form here and document, as detailed as possible, the elements, and quantities thereof, before and after mixing. Use more than one sheet if necessary. Once complete, please scan and send me a copy via email to .

                   Thank you.