Never utter these words:

"I do not know this, therefore it is false"

One must study to know, know to understand,
understand to judge.

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Why Grounding Is Important to Health (Add 8-4-2013)

Can the Flu Shot Do You More Harm Than Good? (Add 10-18-2011)

Flu Shot Update 2011 (Add 10-18-2011)

Are Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) Safe to Use??? (Add 5-24-2011)

Tired of Compact Fluorescent Lamps? (Add 6-11-2011)

How to Protect Ourselves From Radiation (Add 11-20-2011)

Removing radiation from the body (Add 5-3-2011)

Is money the root of all evil ? (Add 3-28-2011)

Regenerating Our Bodies (Add 3-21-2011)

Importance of water to health (Add 8-19-2013)

Reverse aging??? (Add 4-30-2011)

Physical deterioration results from inactivity, NOT from "aging" (Add 12-16-2011)

An Aging Brain Can Be Reversed (Add 10-28-2012(

Physical Immortality, Is It Possible?
(Download may take a couple of minutes)
(Add 9-20-2011)

Buyer Beware ! "Organic" May Not Be 100% Organic (Add 10-9-2011)

The Honey You Should Never Buy (Add 1-1-2013)

BPA Alert (Add 12-7-2011)

Barefoot Walking Outside is Important (Add 4-29-2012)

Earthing aka Grounding (Add 9-20-2012)

Diabetes: Are Amputations Necessary? (Add 10-26-2011)

What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve (Add 9-20-2011)

Every 7 Years You Change (Add 6-18-2011)

The Importance of Exercise to Health and Longevity (Add 10-1-2011)

More About the Importance of Exercise to Health and Longevity (Add 10-1-2011)

Exercise and Cancer (Add 9-21-2012)

For Staying Healthy, the Royal Liver Rules (Add 11-3-2011)

Good Reason To Eliminate Refined White Sugar From Your Diet 
(Add 5-7-2012)

Heart Disease and Natural Bypass (Add 5-25-2012)

Recovering from stroke (Add 6-10-2011)

Exercise Boosts Brain Power (Add 10-6-2011)

Exercise Can Grow Your Brain (Add 12-6-2011)

Why Women Need to Exercise with Weights (Add 2-10-2012)

How to Exercise Your Eye Muscles (Add 12-9-2011)

Possible Health Warnings From Your Fingernails (Add 1-22-2012)

The Eye of the Beholder (A must see!)(Add 9-19-2010)

When Memory Commits An Injustice (Add 4-15-2012)

The Power of Words (Add 4-24-2011)

Does Homosexuality (Male or Female) Have A Fundamental Physiological Cause? (Add 5-25-2012)

Amazing Technologies Headed Our Way (Add 3-16-2011)

Educating the Next Steve Jobs (Add 4-16-2012)

Free HP-41CX Emulator download (Add 3-24-2011)

Click here for important info about Genetically Modified food

Doctors & farmers find that eliminating GMOs prevents disease
(Add 8-29-2012)

A perspective on farming practices to give you food for thought
(Add 4-29-2011)

GM Crops Destroying Our Planet's Soil & Food Supply (Add 1-12-2013)

Deadness of GE Corn Field (Add 1-1-2013)

Avoid These Seven Foods (Add 5-30-2011)

Is Milk Good For You? (Add 6-13-2011)

Stop Drinking With Your Meals (Add 5-19-2013)

Ultrasound is extremely damaging to the health of any unborn child

Sweating in the summertime promotes good health

Possible problems from using pore-clogging, aluminum-containing, antiperspirants 
(Added 10-18-2011)

Flood Your Body With This "Youth Hormone" in just 20 Minutes (11-14-2010)

How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy

Music Benefits The Brain

Music: The Language of Healing (Add 12-9-2012)

Music Therapy Shows Promise in Treating High Blood Pressure

7-Cycle Biorhythms (Add 2-27-2011)

The total failure of modern psychiatry 

Autism and Horses  (Add 9-21-2012)

Power Eating Program (Add 1-19-2011)

Cancer cells killed by chemotherapy may cause cancer to spread

How Cleansing Cures Cancer

Avoid THESE Medical Treatments Whenever Possible (Add 5-9-2011)

Before you opt for mastectomy, read this (Add 6-4-2011)

Who you are makes a difference

Is the Sun actually cold?
Part 1
      Part 2

(Add Friday, June 17, 2011)

Man on Wire

The amazing documentary about Philippe Petit who walked across a wire that he and friends

had strung between the World Trade Center twin towers on August 7, 1974

See the preview here and here

Buy the DVD here and here

Buy the book here and here

Are you going to finish strong?

Finish strong

The Secret of El Dorado

Tesla's New Monarch of Machines (From 1911)

Man Invents Machine To Turn Plastic Into Oil (Add 11-7-2010)

How to properly adjust your car's outside side-view mirrors (Add 10-29-2010)

James Dean Memorial, Cholame, California

On the Mindless Menace of Violence

What to say to a jerk (Add 9-27-2010)

Do you have genuine "health insurance"
or do you only have "sick insurance"???

Five Mind-Blowing Benefits of Exercise (add 7-24-2010)

Breathe Away Your Headaches (Add 6-8-2011)

Toxic Airplane Cabin Air (Add 6-11-2011)

Nikola Tesla - The Lost Wizard(add 4-2-2009)

What Is The Secret

For some opposing perspectives of The Secret
click here, here, and here.

Dreams are whispers from the soul

Other inspirational movies from Simple Truths

Are you commited to accomplishing your goals?

Abuse of Power

The 90/10 Principle

Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Vitamin C and Cancer, et al (11-20-2010)

Healing Foods Reference Database
New Solution For Tooth Decay: Just Grow A New Tooth
Excellent info about regrowing teeth (9-26-2011)
Forget Filling Cavities - Regrow Your Teeth Instead (10-17-2011)
Why You Should Avoid Root Canals Like The Plague (11-16-2010)
The Power of Biological Light in Healing

Probiotics Send Signals From Your Gut to Your Skin (11-11-2010)

The Importance of Grounding (add 11-4-2010)
Growing Young (Especially read Introduction) (Add 11-11-2010)

'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 years

Sales of "Atlas Shrugged" soar in the face of economic crisis

Is Rand Relevant?

Pros & Cons of Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged
(Subtitled "Ayn Rand, sociopathic politics")
(Be sure to read all of the comments below the article)

The Economy Needs Ayn Rand - Pro & Con

Magical Child

The Importance of Bonding

(If you become a) Magical Parent, (you'll have a) Magical Child

Are Doctors Causing Infant Brain Damage by Clamping the Umbilical Cord Prematurely?

The Amazing Power of Music Revealed

Amazing Mathemagic

How Your Keys Can Be Stolen With A Camera

Learn the Secrets of the Super-Organized

Health Related Matters

The Artist's Way to Heart Health (Add 9-16-2010)

Restoring Your I-Sight

Health and Light

The case against mammography

Is wearing a bra (all the time) healthy?

Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny

First aid for an injured hand      Barefoot running may be better for you

Insights on Multiple Sclerosis

Military Admits Gulf War Illness is from Aspartame (Add 9-15-2011)

Be VERY careful when replacing missing teeth

What is the "Magic Juice Combo"?  
(Important update, Sunday, December 12, 2010)

Additional information re Magic Juice Combo
(particularly for those with arthritis)

New insights on the 1918 flu epidemic

Does Homosexuality (Male or Female) Have a Fundamental Physiological Cause? (Revised 5-24-2012)

Basic Steps To Your Emotional Freedom

First aid for scattered energies

7-Cycle Biorhythms (Add 4-18-2012)

The biorhythm chart as a tool
Click here to see a chart sample)

What is an Analemma?

Is this common kitchen appliance harming your health? (add 8-31-2010)

Tips to limit cell phone health risks

Why children and teens should stay away from cell phones

Getting a Grip on Childhood Obesity (Add 9-14-2011)

Banning cell phones & wi-fi in schools (Add 6-2-2011)

Invisible dangers of cell phone radiation

Cell Phone - Brain Tumor Connection (Add 11-9-2010)

Cell Phones & Brain Tumors - additional info (Add 1-19-2011)

Changing People's Moral Judgments with Magnetic Pulses (Add 12-29-2010)

How to escape from quicksand

St. Louis Arch photos(free download of 4MP images)

Eye Color, Sex and Race
Keys to Human and Animal Behavior

Kinship With All Life

Excerpts from the book "NLP, The New Technology of Achievement"

The Vivaxis Connection: Healing Through Earth Energies

Handbook to Higher Consciousness

Life After Life

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Illusions                Messiah's Handbook

Bridge Across Forever

The Secret Life of Plants

Excellent book. Click here to read some pages. (add October 27, 2010)

Top 25 Optical Illusions On The Internet

Read about upside down rainbow




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Transport Wheelchair
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