About Us

Unlike single-issue organizations, the Waltham Woman’s Club structure allows Club members to address the emerging needs of the city, county and state to respond quickly to calls for help.

The Club offers a diverse chance for "hands-on" service in the community as well as for personal growth. Each member is encouraged to participate as little or as often as her schedule permits. The Woman's Club provides a perfect setting for a woman to connect socially and professionally with others.

Our members include teachers, business owners, social workers, elected officials, medical professionals, homemakers, corporate executives and retirees. Diversity in ages, interests and experiences unite these women through a common dedication to community improvement through volunteer service. Members develop life-long friendships through the Club, fostered by the sharing of interests and goals.
If you would like more information, please email Karen Muise at Walthamwomansclub@gmail.com.