Tell your child to buckle up on the bus--it might save her life.

Government safety experts, physicians, and hundreds of school districts agree: School buses need seat belts, and children should be taught to USE them! 
Without seat belts, bus riders a re catapulted into aisles and windows or ejected onto the road. Waltham4Seatbelts is a citizens group that believes seat belts should be required on all buses large and small.

Experts Support Belts:  

"A rear-end, lateral or rollover collision can cause children to become human missiles as they are thrown from their seats, into one another, or into aisles.  Accident victims not in their seats block quick evacuation. . . Seat belts save lives, prevent injuries, and it's beyond my comprehension why they are still, in 2010, not on school buses,"    retired Waltham Fire Chief Richard Cardillo, Spring 2010

 "If you have a seat belt on a school bus, you should wear it!"    Charles Hott, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, September 2010.  

Videos You and Your Family Should Watch:
 Seat Belt Q&A and W4S Recommendations

       Waltham, MA Has Seatbelts on School Buses!
In March 2011, Waltham School Committee members voted to require that lap/shoulder seat belts be available on Waltham school buses, starting in September, 2011. Thank you  Waltham school committee, Mayor, and our Fire Chief for your support of seat belts and safer school buses! Waltham is now part of the growing national trend recognizing that seat belts on buses save lives. The federal National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, which regulates the standards for three-point lap/shoulder belts for school buses, recommends adding seat belts to all school buses and mandates belts for the smaller, more top-heavy buses. (It also requires all bus drivers to have seat belts.) Several U.S. states such as NJ, NY and Texas have mandated seat belts for all school buses in their states.
But belts can't save lives if people don't wear them.  So please tell your children: Buckle Up on the Bus!

 Articles, whte papers, research, and gov't statements on the use of seat belts in preventing injuries on school buses.

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