Restore the Alberta Advantage...

Hi...this is Walter Wakula, a Wildrose Alliance Party Nomination Contestant in your Calgary Foothills riding, which includes Edgemont, Hamptons, Hidden Valley, Kincora, Sage HIll, Sherwood and areas west of Symons Valley Road to the City's northwest limits. We need your support to "Restore the Alberta Advantage" by voting for Walter on Saturday April 30th to be our Wildrose Alliance Party candidate and your future representativein the Alberta Provincial Legislature!

About Walter

Walter is a senior executive with international business experience whose career thrust has been building and restructuring organizations and leading these organizations to success. He has used this experience as a political activist to help build the Wildrose Alliance in his community.


Here's people who know Walter and what they are saying...

From Gary Peaker, Founding Member, Reform Party of Canada 

With regard to Walter Wakula's declared candidacy as nominee for the Wildrose Alliance Party in Calgary Foothills, I am pleased to provide my support to his nomination as candidate. I have known Walter as a friend and fellow political activist for the past 20 years...More

From Former Calgary Riding Presidents

"It was a great pleasure and honour for me to work with Walter on the board of directors, and I was always greatly impressed with Waiter's credentials, his dedication, his honour, his management abilities, and his performance ...

More ...

Walter's Platform

I joined the Wildrose Alliance Party primarily because the principles and values of the Party aligned perfectly with my own: 
  • a strong and enterprising work ethic; 
  • less government; 
  • low taxes; 
  • prudent provision for Alberta’s future; and 
  • respect for traditional fundamental freedoms. 
These principles are what made Alberta great – what created the Alberta Advantage. But 40 years of PC government has led to chaos, mismanagement, expensive entitlements and a complete lack of vision in a fast changing political landscape. Its time now to replace this governing party with a Wildrose Alliance led government in the true Alberta tradition which has a long and honourable history in this province. 

So, join me and elect a Wildrose Alliance government with vigorous leadership to 
  • reform government, 
  • reign in out-of-control deficit spending, 
  • restore sound governance to the oil, gas and energy sectors and 
  • bring in health care reform… but most of all,
  • Restore the Alberta Advantage!