Walter Vivian Moses - Jamaican

. . . outstanding Moravian scholar and cleric

Bishop Walter

Vivian Moses 


Walter Vivian Moses was born in 1879, the eldest son of Abraham and Rachel Moses, of the

Glasgow district, near Newport in Manchester, Jamaica. He was educated at the Bethabara

Elementary School, and at the Moravians' Fairfield Training College. After college he was a

teacher at the  Mount Olivet School.

Handbook of Jamaica, 1900

Moravian Training Colleges 

The church has for many years maintained two Training Colleges, one for males at Fairfield, the

 other for women at Bethlehem. Within recent years these Colleges have
received Government

aid. The Fairfield College was begun in 1839 under the direction
of the late Rev. Mr. Holland,

and has been successfully carried on ever since. It has
always enjoyed the advantage of an able

teaching staff, and the teachers turned out have
as a rule been most successful in their

profession. The present staff consists of the Rev.
Joseph Craig, Director, with Messrs. Weiss,

Lewison and Black, as Assistants. There
were 29 students in attendance in 1896. The Training

College for women was begun at
Bethabara in 1861, and for many years was the only institution

for the training of women
in the island. Owing to various circumstances, it was temporarily

removed to Salem in
Westmoreland in 1888, but has now been established in new and

commodious buildings at
Bethlehem, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The College had 24 students

in attendance in
1896. The teaching staff consist of the Rev. S. C. Ashton, Director; Mrs. Weiss,

Walder and Miss Glanville.