Meet the Players

    Paul Walters: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Gifted vocalist and Charlotte native Paul Walters has been singing for over 14 years, getting his start by studying choral chamber and opera music throughout school. Performing in musical theater productions helped him become accustomed to singing in front of live audiences. His love for rock and roll, blues, and jazz, however, led him to pursue other musical stylings. After leaving school, Paul spent several years running karaoke shows around the Charlotte area, looking for opportunities to sing in front of crowds. After being asked by enough professional bands to sit in during their sets and sing a few songs, Paul realized that he ought to be doing his own thing. Connecting with friend and former coworker Todd Alan (The Handsome Hippie) sealed the deal. Drawing influences from such artists as Otis Redding, Billy Joel, and Tom Waits, Paul's eclectic style is sure to delight a wide range of audience members.
*Photo of Paul courtesy of Lesleigh Taylor photography
Todd Alan (aka, the Handsome Hippie):
     lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Hailing from upstate New York, Todd Alan has been living in the Carolinas for over a decade and calls the area a home he never wants to leave. Todd has been playing guitar for over 25 years, building up a repertoire of diverse styles from mellow classical to metal rock. Todd has played with a number of bands up and down the east coast and his level of comfort with his instrument is evident whenever he takes the stage. Todd draws influences from such artists as Steve Vai, Dream Theater's John Petrucci, Kings X and more, but his unique style is his own through and through. Though Todd (the Handsome Hippie) and Paul met while working together selling guitars at a big-box music store, it still took a matter of years before they began working on music together. Both of their respective styles mesh well together, and the witty banter between the two of them serves to engage and stimulate their audiences.