Who is mister Mazzarri?

Walter Mazzarri is an italian football coach (and former player, midfielder), currently working for Watford FC. His rich experience in various aspects of coach's work allows him to put things together better than many of his colleagues. His scrupolousness, meticulousness and deep tactical knowledge along with the strong personality and devotion often led to very good, sometimes exceptional results, which earned him a solid reputation.

Why was this site created?

For many years i've been following Italian football (il calcio). There have always been great players and great coaches. Italian football is all about tactics, but often gives us splendid examples of sophisticated, very fine play and strong character.
Walter Mazzarri is one of the most brilliant Italian tacticians. But he's much more than that. Publicly strict and rigourous and secretly trustworthy and warm, he's simply fascinating, being controversial yet irresistibly impressive person. That's WHY.

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