I create images and installations using paints with conventional, and unconventional materials. My work encompasses both landscape and portraits, with varying degrees of realism/abstraction. The use of different media, particularly plastic bags, facilitates commentary about current environmental and political situations.

More details:

I am happy to now be a full time artist. After a career in medicine, I feel compelled to make up for lost time. Simultaneously I acknowledge that the experiences I've had up till now, greatly inform my work.

As a pathologist, my day was spent looking through the microscope. Of course I focussed on the scientific aspects of what I was seeing, but was also aware of the artistic drama that played out before my eyes at the microscopic level.

Environmental degradation and other problems of our complicated time weigh on me. As I work to define who I am as an artist, I feel a responsibility to participate in conversations that define our time. I embrace the materials that are ubiquitous in every household, especially plastic and aluminum foil. I come to grips with the plastic littering our cities, landscapes, and oceans by noticing its ubiquity and permanence. I acknowledge both the good and deleterious aspects of our plasticized lives.

By noticing my own personal use and abuse of plastic, I see who I am as a person. I love tomatoes. I shop at Fairway. And I try to eat healthy.

detail from A WEEK'S WORTH, 2016