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19 JUNE 2016

The Bagehot Memorial Fund regret to announce that the forthcoming Bagehot Debate, due to be held on Saturday 25 June at Huish Sixth Hall, has had to be cancelled.  We apologise to all those who were planning to attend. 

Olympic medals & plaques

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Two new sections have been added to the website. 
One celebrates the fact that yet again people turn to Bagehot when they want a pithy saying. A Bagehot quotation appears on on of the £5 coins issued by the Royal Mint to commemorate the Olympics.  You can read more about it here.
The other reveals details about the unveiling of the only plaques known to commemorate Bagehot - one in Langport and the other in London. Read more here.

How to donate

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A new page with information on how to donate to the Bagehot Memorial Fund has been added to the website.

Fund proposes first steps to commemorate Bagehot

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The Bagehot Memorial Fund steering committee met on 23 August to hear of the welcome level of donations received; to discuss its future activities, and to consider the suggestions made by local people at its consultation event at Hurds Hill last month.


Barry Winetrobe, chair of the Fund’s steering committee, said: "We are confident that the enthusiastic public response, in donations and participation, demonstrates that the work to commemorate Bagehot in his home town is worthwhile.  The Fund has only just begun, with much hard work ahead, but we are sure that it will make a valuable contribution to Langport and its people.”


The steering committee was delighted with the variety and originality of many of the suggestions received on how best to commemorate Walter Bagehot in the Langport area.   It decided to proceed, as a priority, with the urgent repair and maintenance of the Bagehot gravesite in All Saints Churchyard.  Initial donations have been such as to make this work feasible. 


The Committee also agreed to propose to Langport Town Trust that the Town Garden be renamed the ‘Bagehot Memorial Garden’ in honour of Langport’s most famous citizen.


Following the success of the inaugural Bagehot Memorial Debate at the first Langport Festival this spring, it was also agreed that the organisers of the 2013 Festival be asked to include a Bagehot-related event with a Victorian theme, which would have educational as well as cultural value.


The development and growing popularity of the Walter Bagehot website,, was welcomed, as part of Bagehot’s and the Fund’s online presence.
Further information
Walter Bagehot and the Fund:
Bagehot Memorial Fund: Barry Winetrobe: 01458 259 310,; Robin Williams 01458 259700,
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Langport fizzing with ideas to celebrate Bagehot

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Dozens of local people from the Langport area responded to the call for ideas on how best to celebrate its most famous citizen, the influential Victorian writer, Walter Bagehot. 


At a open evening hosted by the Bagehot Memorial Fund, at Hurds Hill, Bagehot’s family home, representatives of local councils, groups and businesses, and well as interested individuals, provided an impressive range of suggestions, from support for young people to improved signage and literature about Bagehot around the town.  Other ideas included street art, whether a statue or a more abstract public sculpture; various commemorative items and possible naming of areas of the town in Bagehot’s memory.


There was an exhibition on Bagehot’s life and work, and on his continuing relevance to this day nationally and internationally, especially on how to deal with the current banking crises. 


In a much enjoyed presentation, the famous writer, Ruth Dudley Edwards, a passionate fan of Bagehot and a keen supporter of the Fund, demonstrated how Bagehot the writer was not just insightful and influential but also witty and immensely readable, giving many examples from her published miscellany of his work. 


Barry Winetrobe, chair of the Fund’s steering committee, said: "We are delighted at the enthusiastic involvement of local people.  The sheer variety and originality of many of the ideas at the meeting and in suggestion forms will give the Fund much to consider as it develops its plans over the coming months.”


People can submit further ideas by way of suggestion forms available at the Langport Information Centre in Bow Street.


Further information:

·         Walter Bagehot’s life and work, and the Bagehot Memorial Fund:

WBPR3: 20 July 2012

Fund seeks public’s views on how to celebrate Langport’s Walter Bagehot

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The Bagehot Memorial Fund, set up to commemorate Walter Bagehot of Langport, the influential Victorian writer, is hosting a public consultation to seek the views of the people of the Langport area  how the Fund should celebrate Bagehot’s memory.


Barry Winetrobe, chair of the Fund’s steering committee explains: "The Fund is committed to involving the people of Langport in its activities.  We are already considering how best to commemorate Bagehot such as signage, information literature, plaques, sponsorship of events and prizes and so on, and we want to hear ideas from local people about what ways they think most appropriate and suitable.”


This open event will be held at Bagehot old family home, Hurds Hill, Langport, TA10 0NQ on Wednesday 18 July, at 7pm, where there will be an exhibition and presentations.  One of the Fund’s founding supporters, the distinguished novelist and historian, Ruth Dudley Edwards, will be there to speak about the national and international importance of Walter Bagehot and her love of his writing.


Barry said: “Invitations have been sent to a range of local representative groups and individuals, and those attending will be asked to submit their suggestions for innovative and appropriate ways of commemorating Bagehot.  With this public involvement, the Fund can make a positive contribution to the enhancement of Langport and its environment of which we can all be proud. This is a great opportunity for anyone in Langport to have their say in how to remember its most famous citizen."


Further information:


·         Walter Bagehot’s life and work, and the Bagehot Memorial Fund:

WBPR2: 7 July 2012

Leading academic praises great Somerset writer in latest BBC Reith Lecture

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The continuing relevance of the work of Langport’s most famous citizen, the great mid-Victorian writer, Walter Bagehot, has again been demonstrated with a new BBC Reith Lecture being largely devoted to Bagehot’s views on banking crises, as set out in his 1873 classic book, Lombard Street.


The Reith Lectures have, since 1948, been the BBC’s flagship annual lecture series, delivered by distinguished range of speakers such as Bertrand Russell, JK Galbraith, Aung San Suu Kyi and Robert Oppenheimer. 


The 2012 Reith Lecturer is the noted academic historian, Professor Niall Ferguson of Harvard University, whose topic is The rule of law and its enemies.


In his second lecture, The Darwinian economy, recorded at The New-York Historical Society, New York City, Professor Ferguson examines the causes of the global financial crisis, and criticises the calls for greater banking regulation. 


During his Lecture, broadcast on BBC Radio from 26 June 2012, Professor Ferguson consistently refers to Bagehot in glowing terms:


“No one has ever given a better description of how a bank run happens than Bagehot.”


“By reviewing half a century of financial crises, Bagehot brilliantly showed how the Bank of England’s role as custodian of the nation’s cash reserve was quite different from its role as defined by statute or, indeed, as understood by the very men running it.”


“In the realm of regulation, as I have said, we ought to be going back to Bagehot.”



For more on Bagehot’s life and work, see our new website:


Barry Winetrobe: 01458 259 310,

WBPR1: 2 July 2012

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