Bagehot Banknote

2 May 2013
Following the recent news that Winston Churchill will be on the new £5 note, surely Walter Bagehot would be a most appropriate figure to be on a future Bank of England banknote in the near future, and certainly by 2026, his birth bicentenary. 
This matter is decided by the Bank of England, who receive suggestions from the public.  However, Bagehot is not on their current list of public nominations:

An e-petition has just been created to promote this: (see below). Please sign the e-petition and spread the word among your friends, colleagues and family, eg by email or by social media (the e-petition contains options for resending via Twitter, Facebook etc).

Put Walter Bagehot on a banknote

Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury

Walter Bagehot (1826-1877) is a leading writer on financial and banking issues, still influential and relevant today's banking & financial crises, cited by Robert Peston and Mervyn King among many others. Inventor of the Treasury Bill and praised on his death in a Chancellor's Budget speech. Ministers should urge Bank of England to mark his legacy by putting him on a banknote, perhaps around 2026, the bicentenary of his birth.